Samsung Galaxy Watch hands on

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Samsung Galaxy Watch hands on

Samsung is back with a revamp of its smartwatch range. The Samsung Gear is no more - say hello to the Samsung Galaxy Watch - the new name for Samsung’s watches. And it’s as great as ever, with lots of cool features that you’ll love using every day. Let’s take a closer look…

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch

It’s easy to forget that smartwatches are still new on the scene – not everyone owns one, and there are plenty who still need convincing that owning a smartwatch is cool. And so, we’re pleased to say the new Samsung Galaxy Watch is a delight!

Design and display

Not only does Galaxy Watch look cool, it’s also super stylish, fun, useful, and much more. Wear one for long enough and you’ll wonder if you could ever go back to a regular watch again.

And that’s why we love this watch. It’s not big and bulky – instead it’s fashionable, slim and lightweight – just like a regular watch. And that’s one of the biggest compliments we can give it.

A smartwatch you could wear to a dinner party, and still enjoy all the amazing apps and features it has? Yes please.

Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes – 46mm and 42mm – both of which look gorgeous thanks to the thousands of available watch faces you can download. You can control the watch using the rotating bezel and the responsive Super AMOLED touchscreen, and both work like a charm.

The watch strap also looks stylish, yet discreet. And you can always customise yours according to your style, thanks to a simple release mechanism that lets you change the strap in seconds. It’s dead easy to switch up your look at any time.


There’s a lot to love when it comes to apps. Spotify is one you’ll use most - it comes integrated into the Galaxy Watch. You will of course need a Premium Spotify subscription to enjoy the benefits, and if you do, you’ll love being able to store playlists and albums on your watch, and listening to them using your Bluetooth headphone.

There’s a ton of other apps you can download letting you track and monitor your runs, call a taxi, find your car and heaps more. Download the Samsung SmartThings app and you can even control various smart home gadgets including your TV. Now that’s impressive.

Activity tracking and fitness

The new Galaxy Watch is a must for fitness fans. It constantly tracks activity such as how many steps you’ve taken, and distance travelled. And we love the constant heart rate monitor, which is essential for gym-goers.

Galaxy Watch has a 5 ATM resistance, which means it can withstand five times the pressure of sea level, so you’ll be perfectly fine going for a swim with it on your wrist. And again, there are plenty of apps you can download to help you achieve all those super healthy fitness goals.

Under the hood

The Galaxy Watch runs on Samsung’s Tyzen operating system. Some of you may not have heard of it, but we can assure you that it’s one smooth operator.

There are lots of nice touches, like being able hold down on the watch face to customise it, swipe down to access settings, and right to add new widgets for news and travel updates, weather forecasts, reminders and more. And there’s NFC built-in, which means you can use your Galaxy Watch to pay for things at your supermarket.

It’s fair to say this is the best smartwatch Samsung has made. Impressed? If so, you can order the Samsung Galaxy Watch now from Carphone Warehouse. Choose from the 46mm Galaxy Watch or the 42mm Galaxy Watch in a range of colours.

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