How to win at Fortnite on mobile

With our tips and tricks, you could be the last player standing…
How to win at Fortnite on mobile

Fortnite tips and tricks

If you’re a gaming fan, there’s a good chance you’ve played Fortnite. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter has been downloaded onto millions on consoles around the world. Now it’s available on iOS for iPhone owners to enjoy.

You may already know that, but did you know you can also play with or against Xbox, PC, or PS4 players on your smartphone? It’s thanks to an amazing feature called cross-platform play, which opens up a whole new world of players to play against.

With more competition, the stakes are even higher, so here’s our guide to cross-platform play, and how to win every time (or at least, once) at Fortnite.

Tell me more about this ‘cross-platform’ play

With cross-platform play, you no longer need a games console to play against console players. All you need is a decent handset. It’s the future of mobile gaming.

If you’re on a mobile device, you can play with or against players on PS4, Mac, PC, and other mobile players. By default, you will be matched with other mobile players, however you can join a squad with friends on the other platforms.

I’ve heard it’s difficult to win, got any tips?

For those new to Fortnite, the most popular way to play is a mode called Battle Royale. Here you’re up against 99 other players in a gunfight to the death. The last player standing wins.

Winning isn’t easy, unless you know how. So, without further delay, here’s our top tips to becoming a Fortnite winner:

Pick a safe spot to land

You begin each game by being parachuted onto a small island. This is the battle zone where you’ll come up against the 99 or so other players.

As you’re gliding towards your destination, it’s up to you to pick a safe spot to land. Want to last longer? Don’t be tempted to land towards the busier, middle part of the map.

Instead have a little patience, and steer yourself to the leafier, less populated far corners of the map. It’s less exciting to begin with, but exploring further out will give you a few extra minutes to prepare for battle, which brings us to…

Stock up on gear fast

Once you’ve touched down somewhere safe, you’ll want to stock up on as many weapons, and as much ammunition as possible. Weapons are usually found in buildings, or farmyard barns further out on the map. If you’re lucky you’ll quickly find a firearm you want to stick with.

Look for treasure chests

Likewise, look out for treasure chests. Opening these will give you a host of battleworthy treats, such as armour, medical kits, and the odd projectile weapon. Grenades, for example, always come in handy in a tight spot.

Use the mobile-exclusive sound indicator to hunt down your foes

One disadvantage to playing on mobile is that you won’t always be playing with the sound turned on, especially if you’re in public. This makes it more difficult to hear enemy footsteps. To get around this, use the handy visual indicator that shows you the direction of enemy steps approaching you. It warns you if another player is approaching. Be ready to ambush them, or keep your distance if you’re playing it safe.

Take the high road

If you’re playing on mobile against PS4 or Xbox opponents, you’re already at a slight disadvantage due to the fact they will be playing on a large TV, and you won’t be. This means they might find it easier to spot you a mile off.

Always be on the lookout. Never leave your back turned for too long, and play to your strengths. We’d suggest claiming a high vantage point among some cover. That way nobody will be able to ambush you.

Know your weapon range

It’s important to know your weapon range. Shotguns obviously work at close quarters, so get nearer to your foes if you want to play this way.

The longer-range rifles and weapons are better from a distance. Be sure to keep your wits about you, and have the correct weapon armed and ready just in case someone tries to ambush you.

Build your way to victory

Fortnite is a lot like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – that other battle royale shooter we looked at earlier. The main difference here is that you can craft and build barricades and makeshift structures. Try building stairs to reach treasure chests and gain a height advantage, or brick yourself in to avoid incoming fire.


If all else fails, or you’re a complete novice, just play chicken. At least for a little while. By the time the map gets smaller, there will be fewer enemies on the field, which will increase your chance of being the last player standing.

Don’t have an iPhone?

Don’t worry, Fortnite will be coming to Android within the next few months, says developer Epic Games.

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