How to speed up your smartphone

Some top tips to give your phone a boost…
How to speed up your smartphone

Have you had your phone a while? Does it seem to be getting slower as the months go by?

It might not just be your imagination. Phones do get slower and less responsive as they get older.

But here’s the good news - there are a few simple tips and tricks to give it a boost, and get it back up to speed. So, if your smartphone seems to be on a go-slow, give these a try…

Update your system software

First of all, make sure you’re using the latest version of your iOS or Android operating system.

Doing this ensures your phone will be optimised for all the latest apps and services it uses, making everything as smooth and speedy as possible.

Major new updates are released each year. On top of that, security updates happen every month or so - to iron out any bugs and make your phone safer, so it’s worth checking this regularly.

Checking for updates is easy. Go into your phone’s settings, type ‘update’ in the search bar and if you need to do an update, just follow the onscreen instructions.

Keep your apps updated

It’s also worth keeping all your apps up to date. Bug fixes and new features are pushed out regularly, so if you’re using the latest version of an app, you’re using the best.

If you’ve got an iPhone, open the App Store, tap ‘Updates’. Then ‘Update all’.

If you’ve got an Android phone, open the Google Play Store, tap the menu at the top-left of the screen (that’s those three horizontal lines), ‘My apps & games’, then ‘Update all’. Job done.

Clear your browser cache

If you’ve had your phone for a while, chances are you have browsed through a hefty amount of webpages. But did you know that your phone saves browsing data and images, without you even asking it to? If these go unchecked, they can end up taking up a lot of space – and this could affect your phone’s speed and performance.

Luckily, you can clear your cache in a matter of seconds, and lighten the load.

If you’re using Safari on your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’, ’Safari’, then tap ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

If you’re using Chrome on your Android or iPhone, open it and go to its settings. Then go to ‘Privacy’, ‘Clear Browsing Data’, tick ‘Cached images and files’, and tap ‘Clear Data’.

Get rid of all those old apps and games you don’t use

We’ve all done it - downloaded a fun-sounding game or useful app, and then forgotten all about it. There’s only one thing it’s doing now, and that’s taking up storage space, which could slow down your phone.

So let’s get rid of it. Wave goodbye to those angry birds, crush those candy-matching games you no longer play, and basically just uninstall any apps you no longer use. Your phone will thank you for it.

Stop using live wallpaper

Live wallpaper and animations on your homescreen are a lot of fun, aren’t they? But – as with many things in life – that fun comes at a price. While you’re being wowed at the sight of all those amazing graphics, your phone’s battery and memory are taking the hit. So here’s what we suggest – ditch the live wallpaper, go for a neutral homescreen background, and take the strain off your phone.

Do a factory reset

If your poor old phone has slowed down so much that it’s becoming a real pain getting anything done, it might be worth doing a factory reset. This option shouldn’t be taken lightly though, because it clears out everything from your phone. So, if you do decide to go ahead with this, just make sure all your games, apps, photos, videos and contact info is safely backed up before you hit that reset button.

Have you tried any of these tips already? Did you notice an improvement in your phone’s performance? Or do you have any tips of your own? Post a comment below, and share your thoughts.

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