How much could you get for your old phone?

It pays to trade-in…
How much could you get for your old phone?

When it comes to trading in your stuff for cash, it doesn’t always seem worth it. We’re thinking of those websites that give you pennies for your old CDs, or where you’d be lucky to get a quid for that video game that cost you £60 when you bought it new. You could have a stack of DVDs, CDs and games as tall as you and struggle to get enough money back to pay for a night out.

It doesn’t have to be like that when you trade-in your phone though. If it’s a half decent handset then you might be surprised how much you could get for it. What you get in return could go a long way toward buying your new phone, paying the upfront cost on a new plan… and maybe even paying for the first month or two as well.

Here are three examples which, at the time of writing, could save you a packet on your shiny new phone. All of these are based on you trading in a working device.

Trading in Samsung S7 edge to get Samsung Galaxy S9

Right now, the trade-in value for a working Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at Carphone Warehouse is £120. With that, you could easily upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S9 deal without having to pay any upfront cost.

Trading in iPhone 7 to get iPhone 8

Our current trade-in price for a working, unlocked iPhone 7 (32GB) is £200. With that money, you could pay the upfront cost on an iPhone 8 and get the first four months of your plan paid for.

Trading in Samsung Galaxy S7 to get Samsung Galaxy Note9

The new Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a stunning phone at a premium price – the upfront cost could be as much as £299.99. But guess what? You could wipe out a hefty portion of that upfront cost by trading in your Samsung Galaxy S7. If it’s a decent working model it could fetch a trade-in value of around £110. And until the end of September, you’ll get an extra £200 if you take the Note9 – that’ll wipe out the whole upfront cost. Nice!

It pays to keep your phone safe

These three examples just go to show you the power of trade-in, and the amount you could save on your next phone. It also goes to show the value of keeping your phone in good condition for the duration of your contract, so it could be well worth investing in a phone case to protect it from knocks, scrapes and scratches. Oh, and another thing - we can help you complete your data transfer in store. It’s safe and secure, and it’ll mean you’ll never need to lose those priceless holiday snaps!

Essential reading: 5 tips before you trade-in

And don’t forget that you can use your trade-in cash for absolutely anything you want. In the examples we’ve suggested using it to pay for your new phone, but you might decide to put it towards the cost of a holiday, going to a gig or having a meal out… it’s up to you. So remember, it pays to trade-in.

If you’re interested in trading-in at Carphone Warehouse, you’ll find more details here.

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