Host the perfect Christmas with a smart speaker

Sleigh Christmas with your virtual assistant…
Host the perfect Christmas with a smart speaker

So you’ve agreed to host Christmas, and now you’re freaking out. ‘How can I cook for all those people?’ ‘What are we going to do in the evening?’ ‘I have to pick up Gran, too?’ – Okay, take a deep breath. You’ve got this. And by ‘you’ we mean ‘you and your virtual assistant’ – Google Home or Amazon Echo will help you save Christmas.

Control your kitchen with Amazon Echo

Alexa’s a pretty special lady – especially when it comes to helping you remember to do stuff. Your kitchen can be a hectic place on Christmas Day, but with an Amazon Echo you can create yourself reminders like ‘No sprouts for Ian’ and set cooking alarms for all the components of your Christmas lunch.

Any master chef knows that prep is everything. You can add items to your shopping list as you remember them and even ask Alexa for popular Christmas recipes to wow your guests.

Do you have more than one Amazon Echo in your home? If so, once you’ve created the best Christmas meal of all time, you can broadcast your voice throughout your home to let everyone know ‘Christmas Dinner is served!’.

Christmas kitchen

Organise your Christmas with Google Home

The build-up to Christmas is a busy time. Say ‘OK, Google’ and Google’s voice-controlled virtual assistant will whip your December into shape. Add all of your seasonal events to your own personal calendar. Travelling to someone else’s home on Christmas Day? Get traffic information on your commute beforehand, and get to celebrating sooner.

Winter weather can play a big part in what we do and when we do it. Get an upcoming forecast from your Google Home and decide whether your afternoon family walk on Christmas Day is really a good idea after all.

Fun and games with Amazon Echo

Stuck for fun Christmas Day activities for the whole family? There are loads of games you can play with Alexa. Gather the whole brood around for a fun game of bingo, explore Christmas trivia with questions like ‘what can you tell me about Santa’s reindeer?’ or listen to Alexa recite ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and other stories.

And if you’re looking for ways to spread a little cheer in the run-up to Christmas, the Christmas Kindness skill will suggest a random act of kindness for you to perform every day. ‘Tis the season of giving, right? And if those weren’t enough, here are 13 funny things to ask Alexa that never fail to entertain.

Play the ultimate Christmas playlist on Google Home

We know it, you know it. You must keep the tunes coming on Christmas Day. But you don’t have the time to individually select festive tracks – you’ve got spuds to peel. With a Google Home speaker, you’re able to stream music from your music streaming service of choice just by uttering the magic words “OK, Google, play Christmas music”.

After something a bit more visual? Well, Chromecast owners with Google Play Music can cast a fireplace visualiser to their TV. Now that’s Christmassy.

Make your home smarter this Christmas

Don’t waste the day turning stuff on and off – it’s time to make your home smart. Whether you’re an Amazon Echo or Google Home owner, you can pick yourself up a smart plug and control your Christmas lights with your smart speaker. ‘OK, Google, turn the Christmas lights on’.

Get the living room nice and toasty for a night of Christmas telly with a simple ‘Alexa, turn the heating on’ and you’re ready for a cosy evening.

Don’t own a smart speaker yet? You still have time to get one before December 25th. Pick up a Google Home or Amazon Echo today.

How will you be using your smart speaker this Christmas? Have we left any top tips off our list? Share the love in the comments below.

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