Gaming on the go: can I use my mobile data?

If you’re playing a lot of Fortnite, here’s how to make the most of your data...
Gaming on the go: can I use my mobile data?

The chances are, if you’ve got Fortnite – or any other game – downloaded on your phone, you’re not always going to be playing it when you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection – it’s not called a mobile phone for nothing. If you want to while away a long train journey, or you’re chilling out in the sun, it’s a perfect time for some play time.

But if you’re worried about using all your mobile data, read on for some helpful tips to make it go further.

Get a loads-of-data deal

There are all sorts of incredible datatastic tariffs available right now, including a whole batch of 20GB for £20 SIM Only offers – like SIM only offers. So, if you’re planning on some pretty heavy gaming, you might want to take a look.

You may be surprised how far your data will go

When it comes to playing games using your mobile data, you might expect that those precious gigabytes will drip away all too quickly. But actually, your mobile data might get you further than you think. One hour’s play uses as little as 60MB (it could be more though). We don’t know about you, but we thought that was surprisingly low. So, if you’ve got a high data mobile package, that’s a lot of playing time.

Beware updates!

If you’re worried about eating up all your data on game updates, keep an eye on any that might be about to happen. You may prefer to be on Wi-Fi when these kick in – leaving more of your data for actual gaming. There should be an option in your phone settings to update using Wi-Fi only. The exact method differs by handset type - but on iPhone, it’s ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Background App Refresh’, then ‘Wi-Fi’.

The same thing applies to downloading the game in the first place. If you’re able to, it might be worth downloading it over Wi-Fi. Or if you can spare the roughly 130MB it’ll take to download Fortnite to your phone, go ahead and use your data.

Uh-oh. Pesky lag alert.

If your mobile network’s having an off day, you might find things get a bit laggy – which clearly isn’t great for gaming. If that’s the case, head for the nearest café and rinse their Wi-Fi until your mobile network sorts itself out (we didn’t tell you to do that though, right?).

Also, keep your battery topped up – if it dies then that’s game over. You have been warned.

Have I got enough data?

If you’re a keen gamer – but also like watching videos, streaming music and keeping on top of your social media, it sounds like you’re going to need a lot of data. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together this handy article about how much data you need for all the things you want to do on your phone.

And if your data’s on its last legs for the month, we also give you some ideas to help save data. We’re helpful like that. Here’s that article.

Do you play Fortnite using your mobile data? How have you got on with it? Any data-saving tips you can share? Tell us below the line.

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