Fun games to play with Alexa

If you thought Alexa was all work and no play, think again…
Fun games to play with Alexa

She gives you your morning weather update, and ordering a pizza has never been easier – but did you know Alexa can also become the life of the party? Not only does she have an endless supply of corny jokes up her sleeve but she’s also loaded with party games for your next get together. Here are five of the best games you can play on your Alexa speaker.


Kicking things off with a timeless classic. That’s right, you can actually play Bingo with Alexa. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, open Bingo.” Each number called by Alexa will be repeated and viewable from within the Alexa app. You can even play at your own pace by saying “Next” or “Call the next number” whenever you’re ready.

When someone calls “Bingo!”, Alexa understands that that’s the end of the game. And of course, to play Bingo, you’ll need some number cards, which you can download for free at

The Magic Door

The Magic Door is a quest, mystery and choose-your-own-adventure game, which takes you to a magical land full of interesting creatures and characters. While you’re there you’ll set off on a journey, solving a whole range of brain-teasing puzzles along the way – like helping find a princess’s crown and assisting a wizard in turning back time. Standard.

Perfect for playing with kids, The Magic Door offers a hefty dose of adventure while testing your memory and problem-solving abilities. Let the family fun commence.

Escape the Room

Escape the Room is exactly that. You’re trapped in a room, which you must navigate through in order to escape. You’ll try your hand at solving puzzles and finding items and objects you can interact with. You’ll get a choice of four different rooms, each with varying levels of difficultly.

You can even check your stats while playing and compete against friends and family. Ideal if you’re seeking a more sophisticated soiree.

To start a game, simply say, “Alexa, open Escape the Room.”

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

We know what you’re thinking – Rock Paper Scissors isn’t the most exciting of games to play with Alexa. But why not spice it up a bit and try the more advanced: Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.

Enabling this version prompts Alexa to explain how you won or lost, keep track of your wins and tell you who has racked up the most wins over several rounds. We’re not entirely sure why it’s called Lizard Spock – but it’s definitely a fun way of deciding whose game suggestion you’re going with for the main gaming event.

To open the skill, say, “Alexa, open Lizard Spock” and follow the prompts.

The Wayne Investigation

Who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents? It’s your job to find out in this choose-your-own-adventure game from Alexa. As you play, each of your choices will affect your chances at solving the mystery. But this game is not one for the kids, with some of the content verging on the gruesome.

You can start the game by saying, “Alexa, open The Wayne Investigation” and follow the prompts.

Which Alexa game will you be trying at your next gathering? Have you tried and tested any others worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below.

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