Fantastic phones for festive photos

Take photos with one of these this Christmas...
Fantastic phones for festive photos

Christmas is coming. Before you know it, you’ll be knee-deep in turkey stuffing, which means it’s time to think about that perfect present. And what better gift is there than one of the best camera phones around? We’ve picked out our favourites, to make any photo fan’s Christmas the best one ever.

Samsung Galaxy A9

We begin with an amazing phone that has not one, not two, or even three cameras on the back. The Samsung Galaxy A9 has jaw-dropping four rear cameras. That’s right – four! And that’s not including the selfie camera on the front. It’s a world first! Your Xmas giftee won’t believe their eyes.

So why do we love it so much? It’s all about those four cameras. The main camera captures incredible detail and contrast in all conditions. And then there’s a 120° Ultra-wide lens. That’s the same viewing angle as the human eye – which means you can capture the scene as you see it.

There’s also a telephoto lens with a 2X optical zoom to help you get in closer without sacrificing picture quality, and a depth camera for fancy blurred background effects. There isn’t much this phone can’t capture.

Great for: Showing off to your friends.

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Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 is perfect for savouring those Christmas memories. Its best feature is something called Top Shot – which captures the scene even before you’ve pressed a button. It helps you select a snapshot where everyone is smiling perfectly, and nobody’s blinking.

Yourself or your lucky recipient won’t ever have to worry about failing to capture the perfect moment, like the excitement of pulling a Christmas cracker, or the instant joy on the faces of those unwrapping their presents.

Great for: Capturing special occasions.

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Huawei P20 Pro

How about a camera phone that lets you ditch your actual camera? The Huawei P20 Pro has the world's first triple-lens camera, and it's crammed with amazing technology to make every photo you take look like the best photo you've ever taken on a camera phone.

A 3x optical zoom lets you get closer to your subject wihtout any loss of detail, and AI-powered automatic scene recognition automatically adjusts the camera settings for you, for the best possible photo whatever you're shooting.

The AI inside the P20 Pro does all the work for you, so now anyone can take an amazing photo. Image quality is as good as you'll find on many DSLR cameras. Just think about how good your Instagram will look.

Great for: Stunning holiday photos and close-up shots.

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Honor 8X

The Honor 8X has one of the best cameras you’ll find anywhere, at a price you won’t believe. On top of its amazing performance and giant 6.5-inch screen, it has a dual 20MP +2MP rear camera, and a 16MP selfie camera. It’s a master at wide-angle photography, blurred background shots, and stunning low-light photos.

And don’t forget there’s built-in AI multi-scene recognition – which automatically adjusts the camera settings for you when you’re pointing it at something. The Honor 8X knows what you’re looking at and helps you take the best photo possible without you even trying. Just don’t tell anyone how much it costs.

Great for: Fantastic photography and performance at a lower price.

Buy the Honor 8X from Carphone Warehouse

Apple iPhone Xs

It’s fair to say photography on iPhone Xs is fantastic. Part of that is down to Smart HDR – which adds more realistic highlights and shadow details to anything you take a photo of.

And the new Portrait Mode is outstanding. Apple’s latest sensor delivers better colour accuracy and more detail, even in low-light. You can also adjust the level of background blur, even after a photo has been taken. The TrueDepth camera makes every photo look super-professional. You’ll be amazed such photos could be taken with a phone.

Great for: Stunning selfies and Instagram-worthy photos.

You can pick up the iPhone X here from Carphone Warehouse

Which of these phones would you most like to see under your stocking? Tell us, and why in the comments below.

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