Christmas gifts for music-lovers

The best audio tech money can buy...
Christmas gifts for music-lovers

For the audiophile in your life

Shakespeare famously wrote that music is the food of love, and he was a pretty wise man. Music (and Christmas) brings everyone together, so what better way to keep the good times coming this festive season, than some top-drawer audio tech? Here are a few of our favourites...

Sonos One

Sonos’s latest smart speaker, simply called One, can be controlled with your voice, through the power of Amazon’s Alexa. And you can do much more with it than enjoy rich sound, thanks to Alexa’s wide variety of ‘skills’ – with updates on the weather, traffic reports before you leave the house, or sports scores just to name a few. It'll also link up with any other smart tech you have installed around the house, like Philips Hue lighting, or Chromecast, for example.

Obviously, the big reason for investing in Sonos is sound quality, and we couldn’t praise the One enough. For a compact speaker, it packs a serious punch and fills the room with its pair of Class-D amplifiers.

Order Sonos One from our sister company, Currys PC World, by following this link.

Sony MDR 1000-X wireless headphones

Sony’s wireless, noise-cancelling headphones are everything you’d ever want in a pair of Bluetooth, over-ear cans. The sound quality is crystal clear, and there’s a smart function on board which lets you temporarily disable the noise-cancellation, so you can hear the world around you without taking them off.

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The foldable design lets you pack them away neatly in the compact case when you’re not enjoying your favourite music. And the battery will provide up 20 hours of listening on a single charge.

Get your very own pair from Currys PC World’s website by following this link.

Chromecast Audio

If you’ve already got a quality sound system at home, but want to wirelessly control the music it pumps out, Chromecast Audio is the affordable, quality solution.

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It plugs into your hi-fi’s 3.5mm audio input, instantly bringing it into the modern age. By connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can choose music to play from your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy your sounds without ever leaving the sofa. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Order Chromecast Audio from Currys PC World today – the perfect stocking filler.

Amazon Echo

Echo is Amazon’s flagship gadget, and the official home of the virtual assistant, Alexa. The tall, cylindrical smart speaker lets you do loads of stuff, all with just your voice. Here are a few examples:

  • Control your music

  • Set alarms

  • Create shopping lists

  • Call and Uber

  • Order a pizza

  • Get train times

Amazon is always adding new skills to Alexa, so it will continue to impress as the days roll by.

When it comes to audio, the smart speaker has seven microphones so it can hear you from any direction. And its 360 speaker, with Dolby processing, fills any room with sound from every direction, with crisp and clear quality from any of your favourite streaming services.

Sound good? Order your very own Amazon Echo from Currys PC World by following this link.

Audio Technica turntable

If you’re too proud of your vinyl collection to hide it in the loft, but hate not being able to enjoy it when you’re out and about, why not make it digital? With the Audio Technica turntable, you can do just that, by connecting to PC or Mac through the onboard USB port.

Of course, it still functions as a standard turntable. There are three adjustable speeds – 33, 45, and 78rpm, so you can still enjoy the warming crackle of LPs and 7-inches at home.

Order the Audio Technica direct-drive professional turntable from Currys PC World by following this link.

Got any questions about our audio range? Drop us a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.

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