Best smartphones for under £200

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Best smartphones for under £200

Our top sub-£200 smartphones

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, and you’ve got a couple of hundred quid burning a hole in your pocket, look no further. We’ve rounded up our best smartphones for under £200.

Motorola Moto G4

The Moto G-series almost always features in these lists. And it’s easy to see why. The once miniature, budget smartphone has now evolved into a flagship rival, but still retained its attractive price point.

The G4 has a massive 5.5-inch Full HD display, top-quality 13MP camera, and supports turbo-charging - letting you power it up quicker than ever.

Order your own Moto G4 here.

Sony Xperia E5

Sony’s Xperia E5 is a great all-rounder, with a 5-inch, scratch-resistant display, at HD resolution, and an outstanding 13MP camera.

Sony never fails to impress with its camera technology, and the E5 is no different. Lightning fast autofocus means you’ll never miss the moment, and with HDR and panorama modes, you can easily turn a dull scene into a dramatic landscape.

Order your own Sony Xperia E5 here.

Samsung Galaxy A3

If you’re looking for that premium Samsung experience on a budget, the Galaxy A3 is for you. With a 4.5-inch display and ultra-slim metal design, it not only looks great, but runs really well, too.

On the inside there’s one of the world’s most up to date Snapdragon processors, taking care of all your multi-tasking needs, alongside a sizeable 1,900mAh battery cell.

Order your own Samsung Galaxy A3 here.

LG X Screen

LG is keener than ever these days to challenge the norm, as made clear by the fantastic LG X Screen. This smartphone has two independent displays, a normal one where you’ll do all the usual smartphone stuff, and a secondary, always-on display, sitting above the other. It gives you all your notifications so you never miss a thing.

Other than the party piece, there’s also a brilliant 13MP camera and the whole thing runs on the world’s most-popular operating system, Android.

Order your very own LG X Screen here.

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