Best phones for summer snapping and video

Summer snapping, had me a blast…
Best phones for summer snapping and video

There’s no better time to take photos than during summer. It’s the perfect moment to show everyone what an amazing time you’re having on social media. From sun-kissed selfies to beautiful beach shots – we’ve picked out the best smartphones to capture your favourite summer memories.

Huawei P20 Pro

You can’t talk about smartphone photography without mentioning the Huawei P20 Pro. It’s arguably the best phone around for taking photos. With its amazing triple lens camera, and AI scene recognition skills, the P20 Pro automatically detects what you’re looking at, and adjusts the camera settings accordingly.

Huawei has worked with professional photographers to understand how to take the best type of picture for each scene. So, each time you take a photo using the AI, it’s like having a real-life photographer by your side taking the shot for you. You’ll spend less time fiddling around with settings, and more time capturing the perfect beach vista.

The portrait mode will also capture excellent selfies in the sun without making you look overexposed, and you can record in super slow motion at 960 frames per second, for dramatic videos of your mates going down the slide at your favourite water park.

Google Pixel 2

If you love taking lots of photos, and we mean lots, then Google’s Pixel 2 could be the one for you. With Google Photos, you get unlimited storage for your pictures. Its camera skills aren’t bad either. The dual-pixel autofocus camera has an f/1.8 aperture that takes great photos in any lighting conditions – which makes it perfect for capturing a glorious sunset.

Video image stabilisation keeps your clips nice and smooth, even if you find yourself recording the bumpiest rickshaw ride through the busy streets of Sri Lanka while on holiday.

And if you want, you can also point the phone’s camera at a landmark to learn more using Google Lens. Pixel 2 will instantly show you reviews, information about famous historic sites and opening times to help you beat the crowds.

iPhone X

iPhone X is packed with photography features. It’s got a dual f/1.8 and f/2.8 aperture for taking photos in bright, or dimly lit conditions, and a cracking portrait mode that lets you take excellent photo-studio quality selfies, complete with background blur. There’s also a 10x optical zoom that lets you get closer to your subject without your photo ending up a blurry mess.

And then you’ve got the panorama modes, noise reduction, and all sorts of manual controls so you can adjust the camera settings to your heart’s content. With automatic image stabilisation and autofocus, iPhone X lets you take great photos without even trying.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a superb phone with a glorious 6.2” screen that’s perfect for watching videos on. Make the most of it by shooting your holiday clips in stunning 4K quality. That’s up to four times sharper than Full HD video. Slow motion video recording – at 960 frames per second – is also a lot of fun, and makes shooting any subject even more exciting.

Like the other phones on our list, the S9+ is also an expert at capturing photos in any light, and once you’re done, you can instantly transform photos and video into looping GIFs to share on social media. As with the Pixel 2, the S9+ also grants you unlimited storage, so snap away.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

When it comes to taking photos, Nokia has always been up there with the very best. The latest Nokia phones are no exception. The Nokia 8 Sirocco is great for those who love to tinker with camera settings.

The new Pro Camera mode gives you full control by letting you adjust white balance, ISO settings, shutter speed, and exposure. You’ll even see the adjustments as you make them in real time, so you know how your summer shots will turn out. The 12 MP camera has a ZEISS lens fitted inside, which also greatly enhances the picture quality for better detail.

Any video you record on the Sirocco will sound great too, thanks to Nokia’s spatial audio tech. In a nutshell, that means there are three integrated microphones which can record at up to 132 decibels for clear, distortion-free hi-fi quality sound. That’s great if you want to record a gig at Coachella in LA, or the goings-on at Rio Carnival in Brazil. Once home, you’ll be able to relive it as if you were still there.

We reckon none of these phones will disappoint when it comes to taking photos, and recording video of your favourite summertime memories. And the great news is they’re all available from Carphone Warehouse. Which one caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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