Best budget phones for your Christmas list

Six affordable smartphones that won’t break the bank…
Best budget phones for your Christmas list

The best budget smartphones of 2017

Are you thinking of buying a phone for someone as a Christmas gift this year?

If you’ve got the funds - and they deserve it - you could splash out on one of the best flagship phones of 2017.

On the other hand, if you don’t have hundreds of pounds to spend, there are some fantastic budget phones around. To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up our affordable favourites of the year.

Moto C

Our first choice is the latest in a long line of top quality budget smartphones from Motorola. Its bold and colourful design really makes it stand out from the crowd, and the micro-textured rear cover provides a good amount of grip.

The Moto C has a bright and vivid 5-inch display, and a 5MP main camera with a LED flash. There’s also removable 2,350mAh battery - so if you find yourself running low on power when you’re out an about, you can quickly swap it for a fresh one.

You can buy the Moto C from Carphone Warehouse.

Nokia 3

Unlike most Android-powered smartphones, the new Nokia range gives you a pure Android experience. So what you see on the screen of the Nokia 3 is exactly what Google originally designed - a clean and simple way of getting the most from your mobile.

The 5-inch HD display is polarised, so you get the same viewing experience outdoors, in bright sunlight, as you do inside. The front and rear cameras are 8MP each, and they both feature autofocus technology. With wide f/2.0 apertures they let in loads of light, too - this gives you bright and detailed shots even in quite dark conditions.

You can buy the Nokia 3 from Carphone Warehouse.

LG K4 2017

The LG K4 is a great entry level smartphone. Its rounded edges and corners makes it comfortable to hold and use, and the textured back means it won’t be slipping out of your hand any time soon.

The 5-inch LCD shows vivid colours in great detail, and the front and rear-facing camera both weigh in at 5MP. There’s also a feature that improves your low-light selfies by turning the brightness up. And like the Moto C, the battery is easily replaceable.

You can buy the LG K4 2017 from Carphone Warehouse.

Sony Xperia L1

The Xperia L1 has the build and design of a flagship Sony smartphone, but with a much lower price tag. The edge-to-edge 5.5-inch HD display makes everything you watch on it really stand out, so it’s a great phone for watching movies and playing games on.

The battery charges quickly and intelligently with the help of Qnovo adaptive charging. This technology monitors the health of the battery, and adjusts its charging currents to keep it in the best possible condition.

You can buy the Sony Xperia L1 from Carphone Warehouse.

Wileyfox Spark Plus

The British phone maker Wileyfox is a relative newcomer, but they’ve already built up a solid reputation for producing quality Android smartphones at affordable prices. The Wileyfox Spark Plus is one of their best.

The 13MP camera on the back takes sharp photos and is capable of shooting Full HD video. Round the front, the 8MP camera takes a decent selfie. The 16GB of internal storage is a decent amount for a budget phone, and you can add up to 32GB extra by slotting in a memory card.

You can buy the Wileyfox Spark Plus from Carphone Warehouse.

Huawei Y6 2017

The Huawei Y6 2017 is a lightweight and compact phone, with a 5-inch display that’s bright and easy to read – even in direct sunlight.

On the back, there’s a 13MP camera with a dual flash for bright and accurate shots. Around the front, the 5MP talks superior selfies – with the built-in soft light beautiful skin filter, you can automatically removing any blemishes or imperfections from your photos before you share them with the wider world.

You can buy the Huawei Y6 2017 from Carphone Warehouse.

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