8 great updates on your favourite apps

New features added to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Spotify and more…
8 great updates on your favourite apps

The latest new features on the most popular apps

The best apps are constantly updated with useful features and enhancements. It’s not easy keeping track of what’s new, even if something’s been added to an app you use daily. So, to help you out, here’s a round-up of some of our favourite recent app updates.

SnapChat – object recognition

SnapChat now uses object recognition to identify objects in your photos, and suggest relevant filters. These filters automatically appear in your carousel when you snap something that falls into a certain category. A full list of categories isn’t available yet, but food, pets and sports all seem to work pretty well. So if you take a picture of your favourite burger, you’ll now be given suggestion like “Get in my belly”. Snap your pet dog, and expect to see some pun-tastic suggestions such as ‘It’s a pawty.”

Gboard – new language support

Gboard’s latest update has added support for 40 new languages including Japanese, bringing the total languages supported up to 120. Plus, you no longer have to tap the globe key to switch between languages - Gboard now autocorrects and provides suggestions from all your enabled languages.

Gboard – new sticker packs

If you’re a fan of adding stickers to messages, you’ll be pleased to hear that Gboard now has four sticker packs included by default. These stickers were previously only available if you also had Allo installed on your device, but now that’s no longer the case. All Gboard users now get to enjoy them.

WhatsApp – live locations

You can now share your location in real-time on WhatsApp. So if you want someone to know you’re safely on your way home from a big night out, open a chat, tap the paperclip, then ‘location’ and ‘share live location’. You can also choose the length of time you want to share it for.

WhatsApp – delete sent messages

If you’ve accidentally posted something on WhatsApp, you can now swiftly delete it from the conversation. Simply tap and hold the message, then tap the trash icon and choose ‘delete for everyone’. You’ll need to be fairly quick though – you’ve only got seven minutes to delete the message after it's been posted.

Uber – add multiple drop-offs

Next time you and your friends pile into an Uber after a big night, you’ll be able to add multiple locations to a journey – ideal for dropping everyone off safe and sound, without any confusion. Just tap the ‘Where to?’ box and use the plus icon on the right to add up to two drop-off points.

YouTube Kids – individual profiles

The latest YouTube Kids update gives parents the power to sign-in with their Google account and create individual profiles for each child. YouTube Kids will change its design on each child’s age, so they’ll always get the experience that’s best for them. Plus, kids can set their own passcode to keep prying brothers and sisters (but not parents) out of their account.

Spotify – play tracks with Google Assistant

If you’ve got an Android phone, you can now controlSpotifywith your voice through Google Assistant. This feature is available to both 'Free' and 'Premium' Spotify users. “Ok Google, play Foo Fighters Everlong on Spotify” is all it takes to bring the noise. Other bands and songs are available, of course.

Over to you. What are your favourite recent app updates? If you’d like to share them with your fellow readers, leave a comment below.

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