6 things all new phone owners do

You've got that new phone feeling, so what's next?
6 things all new phone owners do

When you buy a new phone, what's next?

You’re a new phone owner, with that unbeatable new phone feeling. Lucky you!

So let’s be honest, new phone owner - how many of these ‘new phone owner’ actions do you recognise? Some of them can be almost impossible to resist…

1. You dive straight into the box

You just can't wait to grab your new phone and see how it feels. So tear that cellophane, rip open the box, and meet your new phone. Reading the instruction manual can wait until later.

2. You use it before it's fully charged

Even with fast-charging, waiting until a brand new phone reaches 100% can simply be too tough. As soon as it has a few percentage points of power, you’re pressing that ‘on’ switch.

3. You make sure your friends notice it

The first time you reveal your phone in public, you need to be amongst friends. Make sure they notice it, and see their looks of amazement. It's all part of that new phone feeling.

4. You wrap it up well

Yes, your new phone looks awesome straight out of the box, but you need to keep it safe. Just make sure you get an equally awesome looking case.

5. You... drop it

No, we don’t mean you’re going to drop your new phone intentionally, but it happens to us all. It’s a horrible feeling. If you’ve been smart enough to protect it already, give yourself a pat on the back.

6. You ignore your old phone

Once upon a time, it was your gleaming pride and joy. You were inseparable. But times change. Your old phone’s place is now in the back of the drawer. It’s a cruel world.

If you don't want to leave your old phone gathering dust in a dark and lonely drawer, there are other alternatives. Check them out here: 11 things to do with your old phone

Have we missed out any classic new phone moments? If you've got any to share, let's hear them. Leave a comment below.

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