6 awesome apps for kids

As your child explores their new phone, check out our kid-friendly apps...
6 awesome apps for kids

When your child has their very own phone, it’s really exciting. Imagine! Their own phone. All to themselves. So it’s only to be expected that they want to see what it can do.

There’s a whole world of apps out there that are fun and educational – and parent-friendly, too.

We’ve come up with a selection of great apps that you might want to download to your kid’s phone, or suggest that your child downloads themselves.

YouTube Kids

FREE on Apple and Android

Kids love YouTube. Well, there’s just so much to explore. But the problem is, a lot of the content on there isn’t suitable for young eyes. So it’s lucky, then, that YouTube are on hand with a kids version of the site, which filters out the inappropriate stuff, as well as giving parents the power to set time limits. And of course, when you’re looking at things on your YouTube account, they can be looking at things on theirs – which will make them feel ten feet tall.

Artie’s Magic Pencil

£2.99, on Apple and Android

In this digital age, it sometimes feels like drawing is something of a dying art. And with so much importance placed on things like literacy, maths and IT skills, art sometimes has to take a backseat. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. This app, aimed at under sixes, lets kids have a go at drawing. No pressure, just fun and imagination.

Safari Tales

99p on Apple, £1.19 on Android

This is a simply gorgeous app, in which kids get to explore a beautiful 3D African savannah and learn loads at the same time. By telling their own safari stories, they’ll be able to let their imagination run wild, and they’ll pick up plenty of animal facts along the way. They’ll be able to practice sentence construction, reading, and other literacy skills in a fun, immersive way.


£3.99 on Apple, £2.89 on Android

Kids can delve into more natural wonders with Namoo. This time, plant life is under the microscope, with the chance to learn through 3D simulations and engaging descriptions. With original artwork and music, it looks and sounds good, and with clear explanations, it’s easy to bring the scientist lurking within… out!


£1.99 on Apple

To infinity and beyond. Maths just got fun. No, really. There are plenty of engaging maths apps out there, and this is just one of them. By solving maths problems, you get given coins to help you build a rocket. And there’s no shortage of games – by calling them games, it sounds less like learning – 56, to be precise, all covering different areas of maths. One thing, though. You buy your rocket parts in dollars rather than pounds, which is slightly annoying, but as it’s otherwise a good app, we’ll let this slip.

Star Walk Kids

£2.99 on Apple, £2.29 on Android

Here’s a great app for kids aged between six and eight, that’ll help them explore the skies.

And while all things space can sometimes be a bit complicated for kids to understand, this app makes it easy, with simple explanations. And there’s no shortage of information, with plenty of animated videos packed with facts to bring planets, stars and constellations to life.

Those are our picks for apps your kids will love. But have we missed any off the list? Is there one you’d recommend? Don’t keep it to yourself – tell us in the comments section below.

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