5 tricks every Fitbit owner should know

How to get the most out of your new fitness tracker…
5 tricks every Fitbit owner should know

Use your Fitbit like an expert

If you got a new Fitbit for a gift recently, congratulations. They’re a great way of helping you to get more active, and to stick to those New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Fitbits are really simple and user-friendly. But like every piece of new tech kit, it can take some time to get to grips with all its features. So, to help you out, here are a handful of tips and tricks you might not have discovered just yet.

1. Customise your dashboard

Your Fitbit tracker is going to collect an awful lot of information about you, and the place to catch up with it all is on the dashboard of your Fitbit app. So, it’s worthwhile getting it looking just the way you want it to.

If you open up your app and tap ‘Edit', you’ll then be able to uncheck the data you don’t want to see, and move all the good stuff up to the top of your dashboard.

If you want to change the information you see on the tracker itself, go to the ‘Account’ tab in your app, then select your tracker and go into its settings. You can then rearrange what you see on the display, and also select what happens when you activate 'Quick View'.

2. Take it in your stride

When you set up your Fitbit, your stride length will automatically be based on your height and gender. This is the measurement used to count the number of steps you take - so if you want to make it as accurate as possible, you can manually adjust it.

Go to your app’s settings, then 'Personal Info'. This is where you can edit your 'Stride Length' and 'Running Stride Length'. It’s pretty easy to work these out. Measure a distance of 6 or 9 meters, and the count the number of steps it takes you to walk and run it. When you’ve added your new stride lengths, hit ‘Update Profile’.

3. Sleep on it

If you wear your Fitbit tracker to bed, it’ll automatically monitor your sleep. When you wake up, go to the sleep section in your dashboard and you’ll be able to view all your snooze stats.

If you want to try and improve the quality of your shuteye, you can set sleep goals. Simply head to your sleep section’s settings, and you can set yourself a bedtime reminder or give yourself a target sleep schedule.

4. Keep on moving

If you’ve got a desk job, or if you’re studying way too hard at university, your Fitbit can remind you to get up and walk at least 250 steps an hour. Every little helps.

If this sounds like a good idea, fire up your app dashboard and tap the 'Hourly Activity' tile. Then tap the settings icon. You can select the days you want the reminders to happen, and set the start and end times (between five and fourteen hourly reminders in a day).

5. Listen for your cue

If you need a little extra motivation when you’re doing exercise, why not set up some Fitbit voice cues to let you know how you’re doing? Then during your run, walk or hike, you’ll be given spoken reminders on your current distance, time, average pace, split pace and calories burned.

To do this, tap the plus icon at the bottom of your app screen, then select 'Track Exercise', and 'Cues Menu'. You can now choose the voice cues you want to hear, and adjust their frequency and volume.

If you've got a Fitbit, let us know how you're getting on with it. If you've got any questions, we'll do our best to answer them. Drop us a comment below.

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