5 bangin' cameras for Bonfire Night

The 5th of November never looked so good…
5 bangin' cameras for Bonfire Night

Remember, remember - when you used to take photos of fireworks on Guy Fawkes’ Night and were left with a photo roll full of weird colourful blurs in the sky? Well, those days are over. You can capture every speck of sparkly detail with each one of these phone’s banging cameras…

Google Pixel 3

Everyone’s buzzing about the camera on the Google Pixel 3 and it’s clear to see why. When it comes to fireworks shots, Google’s got your back with its ingenious little Visual Core Chip. Basically, it susses out the lighting and brightness your shot needs before you take the photo – super important when your subject is a temperamental firework.

Plus, you’ll get your pick of the best pic with the Top Shot feature, and Night Sight Mode works its lighting magic even when the fireworks aren’t illuminating the sky. But there are more than just three reasons why the camera on the Pixel 3’s so great.

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Huawei P20 Pro

Pro indeed. The new Huawei’s camera is dynamite when it comes to taking photos in low light settings. Its Handheld Super Night Mode uses clever AI to stabilise everything – so get ready to set social media alight with fireworks posts full of amazing detail and clarity.

And if you didn’t already know, there’s a Light Painting Mode as well. This basically uses a light source to “draw” on top of a photo by using long exposure time. The results are pretty awesome - check it out:

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Samsung Galaxy S9

Get this – the dual aperture on the Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera adjusts at the speed of a human eye. So expect pro-quality pictures bursting with colour in super low light, and even moonlight. It also makes blurry shots a thing of the past thanks to True Motion Detection and Optical Image Stabilsation. We could go on and on about this camera.

Fancy creating an explosive video or blinding Boomerang for your Insta? This video-taking marvel shoots in either super slow motion or 4K, which boasts up to four times more detail than regular Full HD. What a cracker.

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iPhone Xs

The new dual-camera system on the iPhone Xs is mega. The A12 Bionic Chip powers a new system called Smart HDR – which creates very sharp images, packed with detail.

Fireworks aside, Guy Fawkes’ Night is a great opportunity to take selfies, especially when they’re taken with the iPhone Xs’ gorgeous Portrait Mode. Put yourself in the frame with an effective Catherine Wheel or sparkler-blurred backdrop. All in all, the new camera from Apple is awesome.

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Honor 8X

You don’t have to fork out a pretty penny to get a camera capable of shooting fireworks – The Honor 8X is proof of that. The camera set up does the works. It takes wide-angle photos, background blur shots, and stunning low-light photos.

Plus, the AI technology’s multi-scene recognition identifies up to 500 different scenarios in real-time. Just point up, shoot and master incredible pics with a camera that knows exactly what it’s doing. This is one mid-range smartphone you need to check out.

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Which of these phones lights your fuse? Are you already a master of capturing firework images? Set off your comments below the line.

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