5 amazing Pixel 3 accessories

Give your new Google phone a treat…
5 amazing Pixel 3 accessories

You’ve got a gorgeous new Pixel 3, you lucky thing. It looks great straight out the box, but you can make it even more awesome with an accessory or two. Protect your Pixel 3 in style, treat it to the smartest charger around, and explore weird and wonderful new worlds with it. The choice is yours…

GEAR 4 Crystal Palace clear case

Safety first. You want to protect your Pixel 3, but still want to show off that colour you carefully selected (Just Black, Clearly White or Not Pink). A clear case is what you need, and GEAR4 makes the best around.

What makes this case so good? Well, GEAR4 has teamed up with D30, the world’s leading impact protection brand. And the material for the clear cases is the same stuff used by soldiers, professional athletes and industrial builders around the world. It’s strong enough to be used in bulletproof glass, so it’ll easily keep your Pixel 3 protected from knocks, scrapes and scratches.

The great news is that all this military strength protection doesn’t make the case bulky. It’s super-slim and completely transparent, and gives you easy access to all the Pixel 3’s buttons and ports. It really does show off your phone in all its glory.

You can buy the GEAR4 Crystal Palace clear case here.

GEAR4 Piccadilly clear case

If you like the sound of the GEAR4 Crystal Palace then you’ll also want to give the GEAR4 Piccadilly a look. They’re actually incredibly similar, and everything we’ve said about the GEAR 4 Crystal Palace applies to the GEAR4 Piccadilly. So you get all the military grade protection in a clear and super-slim case.

So what’s the difference, we hear you ask? Well, the GEAR4 Piccadilly isn’t completely clear. It’s surrounded by a black trim designed to complement the Just Black Pixel 3. If that’s your colour, then this case is definitely worth considering. If your Pixel 3 is Clearly White or Not Pink, then the GEAR4 Crystal Palace is the one to go for.

If you want to give your Just Black Pixel 3 unbeatable protection, you can buy the GEAR4 Piccadilly here.

Google fabric case

Clear cases are all about showing off your phone, but if you want a case that shouts ‘look at me’, then what about Google’s very own fabric case? It looks amazing and feels great, too. Google first made this case for the Pixel 2, and it’s been improved since then. Not only is it a little slimmer, but it also offers more protection. It simply clips onto your Pixel 3 and don’t worry – its fabric and knit exterior play nicely with wireless charging. It comes in a choice of four colours; grey, black, pink, or our absolute favourite – an incredibly eye-catching blue.

You can buy the Google fabric case for Pixel 3 here.

Google Pixel stand

Don’t be fooled by the run-of-the-mill product name. This is much more than a mere stand. It’s a wireless charging dock that gives your Pixel 3 lots more than just power.

Simply pop your Pixel 3 on to the stand, and it starts fast-charging. But that’s not all. It also gives you easy access to Google Assistant. If it’s early morning you’ll get the option of pulling up the ‘My Day’ feature that lets you see your calendar, reminders, traffic and weather alerts. If you need a fix of news before you head out the house, it’ll also start playing the day’s big stories for you.

Or what about turning your Pixel 3 into a digital photo frame while it’s charging? Yep, you can easily do that too. You can choose albums from Google Photos, so if you think seeing snaps of ‘Corfu 2017’ will make these cold winter mornings more bearable, go for it.

The Google Pixel stand also features some smart-home capabilities. So if you’ve got a Nest Hello video doorbell, you’ll be able to see who’s at your front door with a tap of your display. How cool is that?

Oh, and just because your phone’s charging you don’t have to miss out on your latest sounds. Play music on your Pixel 3 when it’s in the stand, and you’ll see big controls on the always-on display. These make it easy to control your playback and skip through any unwanted tracks - there’s always one on an album.

If you want a wireless charging stand with superpowers, buy the Google Pixel stand here.

Daydream View 2017 VR headset

We’ve left the best until last. Because the Daydream View headset lets you enjoy amazing virtual reality experiences at a fraction of the cost of standalone headsets. Simply slot your Pixel 3 into the front of the soft and lightweight headset, strap it on, and get ready to explore stunning VR worlds.

The Daydream view headset comes with a handheld remote that you can move around to interact with everything. It’s especially good for VR games, and there are some great ones out there. You’ll love racing supercars on Need for Speed VR, and blasting enemies in the beautiful landscapes of Rez Infinite– that’s a VR game that really has to be seen to be believed. And when you want to kick back and relax, you can head to your own personal Netflix VR cinema.

You can buy the Daydream View 2017 VR headset here.

If you’ve got one of these Pixel 3 accessories already, how are you getting on with it? Let us know by commenting below.

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