10 signs you need a virtual assistant

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…
10 signs you need a virtual assistant

Ask, and you shall receive

Life is easier if you’ve got an Amazon Echo, or Google Home. With voice command skills, they’re your personal butlers, ready to do almost anything for you, from ordering you a pizza, to helping you do the housework.

Just utter the words “Alexa”, or “OK Google”, and their wish is your command. Still not convinced? Then here are 10 signs you may need a virtual assistant.

1. You have trouble waking up

It doesn’t matter whether you own an Amazon Echo, or a Google Home. Both can wake you up in the morning. Just tell either device when to set your alarm, you early riser.

2. You’re never sure how to dress for the weather

Are you always unsure whether to wear a jacket, or take an umbrella when heading out? This typically British problem can be rectified by asking Alexa if it’s going to rain. So, you won’t be the wally without the brolly.

3. You’re scared of technology

Voice assistants are great if you’re scared of technology. There are no complicated buttons, or menus. All you need is your voice. This makes them the perfect tool for your technophobe parents, or grandparents.

4. You wish you were Batman

Having a voice assistant at home is like having your own personal butler. Ask it to switch on the lights, adjust your smart thermostat if you have one, add food to your Ocado shopping list, and more.

5. Maths isn’t your strong point

Struggle with numbers? Alexa and Google Assistant can add up sums, and calculate more complex digits quicker than Countdown’s Rachel Riley. How’s that for quick maths, Big Shaq?

6. You want to settle that longstanding argument

Voice assistants are great for settling arguments with your buddies. Ask them questions such as: ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas film?’, and watch the ensuing carnage unfold.

7. You’re always hungry

You don’t feel like cooking, and you’re feeling too lazy to walk to your local takeaway. Help is at hand. Just say the words: “Alexa, ask Domino’s to feed me”, and your Echo will take your order.

8. You wish the house could clean itself

If you’ve nabbed yourself one of those iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners, and an Amazon Echo, you can command it to clean your home, with the magic words: “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning.”

9. You want to impress that special someone

The night’s gone well, time to set the mood. Dim your Philips Hue lights with Alexa voice controls, and get Spotify to pop on your romantic playlist.

10. You’re competitive when it comes to having the latest tech

We all love having the latest gadgets, and voice-controlled personal assistants are the future. One day we’ll all be talking to our tech, so you may as well start the conversation right now.

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