4 iPhone 7 accessories you need to check out

The best accessories for iPhone 7...
4 iPhone 7 accessories you need to check out

Keep your new iPhone 7 protected, powered up and looking good

iPhone 7 is available to buy in store and online today. To make sure you get the most from Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, we’ve lined up a few of our favourite accessories.

Foxwood cases

The Foxwood 2016 case collection, specifically designed for iPhone, is beautiful. If you’re looking for extra smartphone protection with a level of class to match iPhone 7, you’ve found it.

Check out all of Foxwood’s iPhone 7 cases here.

Apple cases

Apple produces its own cases for iPhone, and you can buy them at Carphone Warehouse.

The Smart Battery Case lets you charge up while on the move, as well as offering protection at the same time. On a full charge it can offer you up to 26 hours of talk time, 24 hours of video playback, or 22 hours worth of 4G web-browsing.

Of course there’s also the classic Silicone Case. It fits snuggly around the smartphone, adding very little bulk, while leaving access to all the buttons, lightning port, and camera.

Check out all of Apple’s iPhone 7 cases here.


The new AirPods are the talk of the town, following Apple’s decision to remove the heapdhone port on iPhone 7. They introduce completely wireless listening, and have the funtionality to let you chat to Siri, too.

When removed from the ear, your music automatially pauses, and resumes when returned. And if that’s not impressing you, AirPods also understand when you’re talking, thanks to the clever W1 chip. If they’re still in your ear when you start chatting, the earphone will filter out external noise to focus on your voice.

We're expecting Apple's Air Pods to be available early October.

Kit Power Bank 10,000mAh

Kit’s power bank has a giant capacity of 10,000mAh, able to easily refuel most smartphones three to four times over. And as it’s so lightweight, fitting nicely into a bag or coat pocket, you won’t have to wait around at home to charge up.

Check out our range of Kit power banks here.

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