App review: NOW Music

Now that's what I call a hit music player...
App review: NOW Music

The new hit music app, for all the family

Do you own more than a few ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ compilation CDs?

Do you list your favourite music genres as ‘pop’, ‘hits’ and ‘chart’?

If so, NOW Music could be the new music app you need in your life. Let’s check it out.

How does it work?

The first thing to be aware of is that NOW Music isn’t strictly a free music player. After a one-month trial, it costs £4.99 a month.

Signing up to the free trial on an Android phone takes you straight to the Google Play payment screen, where a ‘payment accepted’ message appears. Don't worry - no actual payment is taken here, but it's a confusing start.

Once you’ve signed up to the free trial, you can start exploring the app. It’s a clean and simple interface, with four menu options at the bottom of the screen: ‘Playlists’, ‘Chart’, ‘Radio’ and ‘Saved’.

The ‘Playlists’ screen gives you lots of compilations to choose from. Under ‘latest releases’ you’ll see all the NOW compilations from the latest one – that’s NOW 98 – way back to NOW 81, when One Direction were singing ‘One Thing’, and JLS were ‘Proud’.

You can also listen to the NOW years compilations from 1980 to 2016, special editions (such as Christmas songs and number 1 hits), and featured artists.

The ‘Chart’ screen does what it says on the tin, and gives you the current top 40. You can go straight to number 1 (at the time of writing it’s Camila Cabello – Havana), or ‘shuffle’ the chart for a more random listening experience.

‘Radio’ gives you a choice of seven channels: NOW Radio, 80s, 90s, 21st century, Dance, Chillout and Fitness. You can skip through any tracks you’re not keen on, but can’t go back. So if you hear a track you know you’ll want to hear again, why not save it?

When you’re playing a song, you’ll see a star icon above its name. Tap the star to save the song. It actually gets saved to your device, so you’ll be able to listen to it anywhere - even when you’re offline.

If you’re interested in giving the free trial a go, NOW Music is available on iOS and Android.

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