App review: Polygram

How do your social snaps make your friends feel? This app reveals all…
App review: Polygram

The social networking app that detects facial expressions

When you post something you find amusing on Facebook, and your friends react by hitting the smiley emoticon, it’s a great moment. But here’s the thing – how do you know that your Facebook friends were actually smiling when they posted it? What if they didn’t even find your post funny at all?

If that’s the kind of thing that worries you, then Polygram could be the new social networking app you need. Because with the help of some clever facial recognition technology, Polygram shows you exactly how others react to your photos and videos. Did they laugh? Cry? Scream in terror? Polygram will reveal all this to you, and lots more besides. Let’s find out more.

Get genuine responses to your photos

When you share a picture or video on Polygram, you’ll know exactly how it made others feel. The app maps the expression of each viewer, and then tallies up this information for you to enjoy (or otherwise) on an emoji-filled dashboard display.

As well as a breakdown of all the reactions, you’ll see the total number of views, average viewing time, and even how many took a screenshot. All this information can then be filtered by gender and location. Individual usernames aren’t listed though, so if one of your friends finds your posts a major turn-off, they’ll remain annoyingly anonymous.

Post your own reaction

When you view a post from somebody else, you’ll see a small yellow emoji at the bottom of your display. The expression of this emoji changes to reflect your real one, in almost real time (there’s actually a barely noticeable 20 millisecond delay).

The app then records your response, and adds it to the onscreen emojis of other users who’ve already viewed the same post.

If you get sent a private message, you can also add your emoji reaction - just in case you really want to get across exactly how you’re feeling.

Filter yourself beautiful

Polygram also gives you a few Snapchat-style filters to enjoy. Some of these are actually quite subtle, and have apparently been designed by plastic surgeons to make you more attractive. Does this sound like a good thing? We’ll leave that up to you.

Wipe-to-reveal… not quite all

Another interesting feature lets you keep your image private – sort of. With ‘Wipe to reveal’, your photo will appear to your friends as a blurry image that can only be viewed by wiping the fog that covers it. The fog quickly reappears though, so they’ll never get to see the entire image. This makes it impossible for anyone to take a full screenshot of the entire image. If they try, you’ll be alerted to this fact and sent a copy of what they managed to capture.

How to get Polygram

If you’re interested in getting detailed reactions to your social posts, then why not give Polygram a go? Try not to take it too seriously, and you should have lots of fun with it.

Polygram is currently available on iOS devices only, free from the App Store. According to Polygram’s CEO Faryar Ghazanfair, it’s been tested to run smoothly on devices as far back as iPhone 5.

Are you already a Polygram user? What kind of reaction are your photos and videos getting? Let us know by commenting below.

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