Samsung Galaxy Note8 hands on

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Samsung Galaxy Note8 hands on

Do bigger things

After many, many rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has finally landed. This Swiss Army knife of a smartphone has a lot of features, tons of power, an awesome camera, a brand new S Pen… you get the idea. This is everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest smartphone.

The infinity display

Just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ before it, the Note8 boasts Samsung’s pin-sharp infinity display. In this instance it measures 6.3-inches from corner to corner and has sloped edges on both sides, wrapping around the phone. It feels quite wide and flat in the hand, which is perfect for when you want to use the re-engineered S Pen for taking notes or sketching on the go (we’ll circle back onto this shortly).

The screen is Quad HD in resolution, with 522 pixels per inch, and it’s HDR. This stands for high dynamic range, and basically gives you a greater range of colours and a deeper contrast when watching movies.

Dual lens camera

On the back of the Note8, there’s a bunch of stuff to talk about too. The headline is the camera, which uses two 12MP lenses to capture stunning photos. You’ll get 2x optical zoom with the telephoto lens, so you can get closer to your subjects without losing any resolution, and there’s a wide f/1.7 aperture attached to the other one.

Aperture refers to the size the lens can open to let extra light into the sensor. More light means more true-to-life colours, giving you an accurate representation of whatever you’re photographing. And f/1.7 is one of the largest currently available on the mobile market.

Next to the dual lens is a fingerprint scanner, a bright LED flash, and a heart rate sensor to use with Samsung’s home-grown S Health app.

There’s of course another lens on the front of the phone for all your selfie needs. It’s 8MP, has the same wide aperture we mentioned above, and can record video in 4K.

New S Pen

The S Pen has been the Note’s loyal sidekick ever since its inception, and now it’s better, and smarter, than ever before. It’s been redesigned to feel more like a normal pen, with a finer nib now measuring just 0.7mm. The Pen itself can now understand over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, and you don’t even need to unlock the handset to start jotting notes.

It pops out the bottom of the phone with a soft click, and doesn’t require any charging, so it’s ready whenever you are.

Iris scanner

Unlocking your phone with your eyes sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it’s very much a reality with the latest Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and now the Note8, all feature iris scanners - letting you unlock the handset with a quick glance.

The patterns in your eyes are even more unique than those on the ends of your fingers, believe it or not, making the iris scanner the most secure way of controlling your device.

Under the hood

The splendour of the Note8 isn’t just skin-deep, with the technology you can’t see – on the inside – making waves too. To begin with, there’s a whopping 6GB RAM under the hood to make sure you’re never slowed down when doing more than one thing at once. The Note8’s large screen is the perfect place to use two apps at the same time, and with all that RAM and an octa-core processor, you won’t have any lag time issues.

There’s also a generous 3,300mAh battery cell to make sure you’re powered up all day long. And with thanks to USB Type-C charging, you’ll be able to take advantage of fast-charging.

The DeX Station

If the Samsung Galaxy Note8’s 6.3-inch display isn’t enough for you, there is the possibility to go even bigger. By using a smart docking system called Samsung DeX station, you can scale up all your favourite apps onto a TV or desktop monitor. It connects through a HDMI cable, and you can attach a keyboard and mouse for working on big projects.

Follow the link to be taken through to Carphone Warehouse’s website, and check out the Samsung Galaxy Note8 for yourself.

You can also get it on a flexible leasing deal. This is where you rent it - rather than own it - and can then upgrade to the latest phone every year. Best of all, our flexible leasing smartphones aren’t locked to just one network.

Check out this article for more information on flexible leasing and all your other shopping options: 4 ways to shop with Carphone Warehouse

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