5 of the best mobile sports games

If you're a big sports fan, here are the top mobile games to check out...
5 of the best mobile sports games

This week we’re taking a look at the best sports games for your mobile. We’ve tried to avoid the obvious choices, and haven’t included any stripped-down mobile versions of big-name console games. Instead, we’ve gone for arcade-style, pick-up-and-play games ideal for mobile devices. So let’s kick things off with a cracking game of footie.

Striker Soccer America

iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

It’s football, but not as we know it. The clue is in the word ‘soccer’, because this is an unashamedly American take on our great game. So rather than trying to break down a tough-tackling back four on a rainy night in Stoke, we’re travelling to the 2015 Copa America of Chile. When we get there, we'll be able to choose one of twelve national teams, and try and play our way to the finals.

The controls are simple and easy to master, and if you get tired of playing standard football matches there are all sorts of fun challenges to tackle. You can even buy various power-ups for your team and players - wouldn't it be great to do that for your favourite team in real life?

8-Ball Pool

iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

This is a real favourite in The Lowdown office. Colourful graphics, simple controls, great gameplay, and the chance to fluke a win against a friend. It doesn't get better than that.

You can also play online against random players from around the world. You’ll be pitted against someone at the same level as you are, so don’t expect an easy game.

As you rack up some wins, you'll be able to buy better cues, increase your rating and make lots of money. But it's not always plain sailing - if you want a good example of how not to play 8-Ball Pool, here’s a video of someone from The Lowdown losing without potting a single ball. Not one of their finest gaming moments.

WGT (World Golf Tour)

iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

If you want a realistic golf game for your mobile, then there’s really only one choice – WGT.

You can play on over a dozen championship golf courses, and each one looks amazing. Apparently, the graphics are based on hundreds of photos take from lots of different positions on the course.

Even though the controls are simple, WGT is a wickedly challenging game with loads of variation. You can swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from the tee, fairway, rough and bunkers. And you don’t have do it all on your own, either – you can invite friends to play, and chat live with them as you make your way around the course.

Flick Quarterback

iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

American Football is a fine sport but it’s incredibly complex - so it makes sense to focus on just one aspect of it in a mobile game. With Flick Quarterback, it’s all about the throwing.

Flick Quarterback is a game with the easiest of controls - you flick. But the great graphics and crunchingly realistic sounds make it incredibly enjoyable and addictive.There’s nothing more satisfying than flicking the screen to launch your ball at a wide receiver. Just as long as they manage to catch it and complete the pass, of course.

Stickman Ice Hockey

iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

When it comes to playing sports on your mobile, you really can’t go wrong with Stickman. This incredibly fit and agile little guy has his own series of sports games, and they’re consistently good.

It was quite tough to choose just one game. We love the Stickman versions of tennis, basketball, volleyball and football, and you should definitely check them out. But eventually we made our choice, and so our final mobile sports game is the action-packed Stickman Ice Hockey.

Just like the real-life game, Stickman Ice Hockey is fast and furious. At first, you might have trouble keeping your eye on the puck is at whizzes about, but keep at it. With a bit of practice you’ll soon be stringing passes together and scoring goals, we promise.

Stickman Ice Hockey gives you the option of having full control over your players, or if your fingers start to tire you can switch to automatic running mode. This lets you concentrate on controlling your passes while your players take care of the opposition with bone-crunching tackles. Very satisfying.

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