What's unique about the LG G4?

Check out some of the unique things that make the G4 great.
What's unique about the LG G4?

LG has finally unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the LG G4. At first glance, it certainly looks like it’s a worthy rival to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9. In fact, here are some of the unique things that make the G4 great.

LG G4Quantum display

The LG G4 uses a completely new type of screen tech that’s meant to make things 25% brighter and 20% more colourful that the Quad HD screen it used on the LG G3. That basically means you’ll get jaw-dropping movies and games. We haven’t had a chance to properly see how it compares to the Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S6 or the Super LCD screen on the One M9, but Quantum definitely sounds cooler when you’re showing off your new phone to your friends.

Colour spectrum sensor

‘What on earth is a colour spectrum sensor?’ we hear you ask. That’s what we asked too, and according to LG, it’s an extra sensor for the camera that detects ambient light. It then fine-tunes the camera’s white balance so you get photos with perfectly natural colours. From what we’ve seen so far, it does an incredible job.

Laser autofocus

Lasers will always be cool. And with the LG G4, they’re useful too. Next to the camera is a small laser that sends out invisible beams of light to detect how far away things are. The phone can then focus perfectly. And because it’s all done with lasers, it takes less than a third of a second to autofocus. To be fair, the Galaxy S6 focuses just as quickly thanks to something called Phase Detect Autofocus – but lasers…



Ever been watching a home movie and started feeling motion sick from the constant camera shake? The LG G4’s new optical image stabilisation 2 (OIS 2) will make all your videos look super smooth. It uses a clever mechanism to keep the camera steady as you move, stopping the violent jerking that normally happens when you record on a smartphone.

Leather back

High quality genuine leather – it’s the perfect material for comfortable shoes, designer handbags, premium wallets and now smartphones. There’s an impressive range of colourful hand-stitched leather backs for the LG G4 that lend the phone an air of quality and uniqueness. And LG says it’s get better with age, taking on a rustic look. If you eventually decide you don’t like the shabby-chic leather, don’t worry, one of the metallic backs also comes in the box.

Ergonomic body

We don’t know about you, but we spend a lot of time on our smartphones… we mean A LOT. So we love the curved body of the LG G4. It makes the phone fit comfortably in the palm, despite the big screen.

Big battery

The LG G4’s big battery is another plus when we spend so many hours absorbed by the screen in our hands. At 3,000mAh it should comfortably last through the day. We haven’t had a chance to put it in a head to head fight to the death with its closest rivals, but bigger must be better, right?

Expandable memory

When we learn a new fact, it normally pushes something else out of our head, like the other half’s birthday. That’s fine when phones remember things for us, but when their memory’s full, there’s a problem. So it’s good that the LG G4 lets you plug in a microSD card for more storage. When will they invent one of those for humans?

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