Nokia Lumia 830 review

Nokia's new Lumia 830 is an impressive device. We spent some hands on time with the stylish handset. Here are our thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 830.
Nokia Lumia 830 review

When we first held the Nokia Lumia 830 we couldn’t help but be impressed. The metal body is really well designed, and it’s a great phone if you want something with excellent specs and features that’s still really stylish and particularly well made.


The metal frame on the Nokia Lumia 830 is what makes it outstanding. Nokia has clearly taken a lot of time designing it. Thin, light and comfortable to hold, it’s really impressive. And of course because it’s metal, it’s solid.


The camera on the back is 10MP, and picks up a lot of details. What it does even better though is to get the colours spot on in photos. There are also some really great editing apps built in, so it’s like having a mini Photoshop in your pocket.


The 5” screen on the 830 is brilliant for movies and videos. Colours are really natural, so everything looks like it does in real life. There’s also the really impressive MixRadio app preinstalled. It lets you stream loads of tracks over the internet for free, and even download them so you can listen to them when you’re not online.


All Windows phones are particularly good for getting work done. The Lumia 830 has Microsoft Office installed right out of the box, so there’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint always with you. There’s also OneDrive, which lets you upload files and pictures to the internet securely, so you can access them from computers, tablets or anything else that can get online.


You’ll easily get a day out of the 830, and there’s a really good Battery Sense app built in. This does a great job of extending the battery life if you’re running a little low.


There are loads of extras that come free with the 830. There’s Xbox Games and Videos, and the brilliant HERE Maps app. This works offline so whether you’re in a busy city centre or wandering in the countryside, you’ll be able to plan your route and use turn by turn navigation. The 830 also comes with Cortana, Microsoft’s new digital assistant. She answers questions, tells you the news and much more.

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