HTC Desire EYE review

The HTC Desire EYE is designed with selfie lovers in mind. We put its camera and software to the test to see if it can live up to the hype as an amazing selfie phone.
HTC Desire EYE review


The HTC Desire EYE takes selfies into a different league. We love its advanced front facing camera and unique software as they let you create awesome photos that your friends will envy. And with powerful insides and a big screen, we think the Desire EYE is perfect for entertainment too.


  • 13MP front facing camera with dual LED flash makes for epic selfies
  • HTC EYE Experience adds great tools to the front camera
  • Front stereo speakers are perfect for movies and music
  • 5.2” Full HD screen makes everything look stunning
  • 13MP rear camera takes beautiful photos


The Desire EYE really does live up to the hype as an awesome selfie phone. Its 13MP front camera takes sharper photos than any other phone in the country. And, unlike any other phone, it has a dual LED flash on the front. That meant we could take selfies in the dark, which is handy on a night out.


The HTC EYE Experience is a clever new bit of software that adds some handy tools to the Desire EYE’s camera. Our favourite feature is crop-me-in. You take photos using the front and back cameras simultaneously and the phone blends the two shots so you’re always in your pictures. It works really well.

We also think Face Fusion is a good laugh. It lets you blend the features of two faces together, creating a weird hybrid of you and a friend.

There’s a serious side to the EYE Experience too. It has face tracking for video calls so you’re always in focus. And you can share your screen with the person you’re calling so you can show them photos or work together on something.


HTC hasn’t made the Desire EYE just a one trick phone. Its powerful camera is backed up by powerful stuff inside too. It’s as fast as the HTC One M8, so apps and games run really well on it, which is handy because it means you can make really good use of the big, clear screen.


Given the gorgeous phones that HTC has produced lately, we’re a little disappointed in the look of the Desire EYE. Its plastic body doesn’t have the same elegance of the One M8. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, but it won’t be winning any design awards.

We haven’t had the time to test the battery life yet, but we think that if you’re taking lots of selfies using the flash and editing them on the big screen, the 2,400mAh battery isn’t going to be big enough for more than a day’s use.


We might actually prefer the HTC Desire EYE to the HTC One M8. It might not look as good, but the powerful cameras are great. And everything inside the phone is the same, so it’s just as quick and easy to use. We really think that HTC has a winner in the EYE.

If you want to see more about this amazing selfie phone, check out our hands on video.

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