Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 2

Those who picked up the Galaxy Note 2 when it was released may be considering an upgrade. Here we'll outline how the Galaxy Note 4 compares to its older sibling.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 2

If you got in on the phablet action early, you probably got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 around two years ago. And now it’s upgrade time and Samsung has its latest phablet out, the Galaxy Note 4.

So we’ve compared these two fabulous phablets to see how Samsung has advanced in the last two years and let you know exactly how big an upgrade you’re in for.


One big thing that Samsung’s improved is the screen . The Note 4 has four times as many pixels as the Note 2, making everything look ridiculously clear by comparison. Samsung’s also worked on getting better colours, higher brightness and more efficiency. So movies look amazing and you can spend a lot longer watching them. And if you like to read in bed, the Note 4 can be dimmed more than any other screen, so you can enjoy a good book without straining your eyes.


The S Pen is what makes the Note series stand out from other phablets. And amazingly, Samsung has found ways to improve this smart stylus. The new one is twice as sensitive as the Note 2’s and can do more. We particularly like the Action Memo feature, which lets you jot down someone’s details and use them instantly to send an email, make a phone call and more.


Cameras have come a long way in the last two years too. The Note 2 had an 8MP camera packed with fun features to make your photos a little different. But the Note 4 has an unbelievably good 16MP camera . It has optical image stabilisation to keep photos looking sharp even when you’re moving and a new type of camera sensor that Samsung invented to make photos brighter. It’s probably the best camera on any phone from 2014 and is a massive step up from 2012’s king.


The look and feel of the Note 4 is completely different to the Note 2 and we think it’s much nicer. The Note 2 had lots of smooth curves and was made entirely out of plastic to save weight and make it durable. But the Note 4 now has a metal frame to make it even stronger and give it a premium feel. Impressively, though, Samsung managed to make the Note 4 even lighter and thinner , despite the metal . We prefer the new design and we think you will too.

What do you think of the brand new Note 4? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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