Nokia Lumia 630/635 review

Check out our fully featured review for the double team of the Nokia Lumia 630 and Lumia 635
Nokia Lumia 630/635 review

There aren’t many phones that offer better value than the Nokia Lumia 630 and Lumia 635. They’re identical phones apart from the fact that the Lumia 635 connects to 4G mobile internet while the 630 sticks with 3G. Both arenice and portable, with a surprisingly good camera, and come with loads of free app goodies.


The 630 has a nice simple design, and it’s easy to hold and use. The real stand out is the colours it comes in, particularly the bright green and orange.


It may only be 5MP, but the camera is actually really good. It’s fast, picks up colours well and has much more detail than you’d expect. The built in editing apps are also excellent.


The screen is good enough for watching the odd video, but the 630 is really suited to music listeners. The Nokia Mix Radio app comes free, and gives you access to hundreds of thousands of tracks. You can download playlists to listen to offline, it’ll recommend new artists based on ones already in your library. It’ll even tell you when gigs are on.


All Windows phones are excellent when it comes to use as a work phone. Microsoft Office is built into the Nokia Lumia 630, so Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can all be viewed and edited. It also supports additional security profiles, which will help keep your company happy.


The battery is good on the 630, but you’ll be charging it daily. The the Battery Saver app does a good job of extending the battery life though. It can be set to turn on when the battery gets to a certain level too, so you won’t keep forgetting to turn it on.


There’s a particularly good app called Health & Fitness that comes free. It’ll let you track how far you’ve run or cycled and record your calories burned. What really stood out were the hundreds of professionally designed workouts. They were well thought out and the variety was great.

It also comes with the excellent HERE Maps. There’s a map for practically every country in the world, and they can be used completely offline if you need to. With voice guided navigation for free, and speed limit notifications included, it’s an app we use on holiday time and again.

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