Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is certainly a unique device. We tried out Samsung's revolutionary phablet to see if it backs up this novel look.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

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Are curved screens a revelation?

Samsung invented the phablet market, and now it’s trying to revolutionise it. With a uniquely curved, crystal clear screen, improved S Pen stylus and as much power as a laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is an attention grabbing phone that’s perfect for getting stuff done on the move.


  • Edge Screen is really handy for notifications
  • Charge half the battery in just 30 minutes
  • Take fantastic photos with the advanced camera
  • Big, clear screen is unbeatable
  • S Pen stylus makes it easier to use the phone

Entertainment, work, socialising… the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is designed to make it all easier and more enjoyable. It really feels like a complete package.


We’ve always been impressed with Samsung’s mobile screens. And the one on the Note Edge is another champion of image quality. But even more impressive than its perfect colour and clarity is the unique bend in it. The screen wraps around the edge of the phone to create a convenient place to show notifications and give us some cool new tools. Watch our hands on video below to see exactly what the Edge Screen can do.


Charging the Note Edge is a new experience. We enjoyed being able to charge it from flat to 50 per cent in less time than it takes to get ready for work. And the battery lasts for ages, so a quick charge in the morning got us through a working day. But if you find yourself running low on power, you can always switch to Ultra Power Saving Mode and still have access to calls, texts and more.


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge blew us away with its camera. The 16MP unit has optical image stabilisation (OIS) to keep photos sharp even when you’re moving and produces fantastic colours and deals really well with all lighting. We’re struggling to think of a camera phone that can beat it.


We’ve always liked the S Pen stylus. And the one in the Note Edge has been updated, making it feel more like you’re using a real pen on paper. That makes it much easier to write notes and do drawings. And the Air Command menu has been made simpler so it’s easier to use its amazing features, like Action Memo. This lets you jot down a number, email address or other information and use it instantly thanks to handwriting recognition.


The Note Edge is packed with different ways to connect it to all your other gadgets. There’s the latest Bluetooth so you can use smartwatches, speakers and more without using much power. It has USB host, which lets you charge other devices using its battery or plug a flash drive into the micro USB port (if you have an adaptor). There’s even an infrared blaster so you can control your TV. But most exciting is that it’s ready for EE’s new LTE-Advanced network, which gives mobile internet speeds twice as fast as 4G.


If we’re being really picky, we’d say that the Note Edge is a little too wide. The curved screen makes it a bit wider than the regular Note 4, which is already a big phablet. And Samsung has stuck with its faux-leather plastic back despite giving the phone a premium metal frame, so that might put a few people off the looks.


Our main concern with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was that the screen would just be a cheap gimmick. But after using it we found it’s really useful, especially when it shows notifications without interrupting games and movies. So you get all the incredible power and features of the spectacular Note 4, with a few handy extras from the Edge Screen. We love it.

Not convinced by the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Then check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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