HTC One M8 Review

We're getting hands on with the brand new HTC One M8 for our full review - will it be your next smartphone?
HTC One M8 Review


The originalHTC Onewas excellent, and it wasn’t just us that thought so – it got more awards than any other phone last year. The new HTC One M8 has more metal in its body, a larger screen, an extra camera, louder speakers… the list goes on. In short, every part has been improved.


  • One of the best-looking phones ever, with an all-metal design
  • Stereo speakers are exceptionally loud but also give great sound quality
  • Extreme Power Saving Mode on the M8 lets 10% of charge last up to 30 hours on standby
  • BlinkFeed app is excellent for compiling news stories and social updates in one place
  • Lots of fun camera effects

If you’re looking for a beautiful phone that’s great for music, games and more, you’ll love the HTC One M8.


This is probably the best looking phone you can buy. The body is almost all metal, and HTC must have spent hundreds of hours to get the shape just right and improve on the old phone. And if you like coloured phones, Carphone Warehouse is the only place you can buy the HTC One M8 in pink.


The One M8 has two cameras (called a Duo Camera) on the back that work together to give you loads of photo editing option. You can blur the background or turn it black and white as well as create cool 3D effects. Of all the blur effects on phones, the M8’s is one of the best. The front camera is excellent too, giving some of the best details and colours for selfies we’ve seen.


If you like the news, sports scores, or have any hobbies or interests you like to read about, then BlinkFeed is brilliant. It sits on your homescreen and after you’ve told it what interests you have and the publications you like, it’ll automatically fetch stories for you to read. They can be read offline too, so you don’t need to be on the net 24/7. It’ll even give updates from apps.


The stereo speakers on the front really set the HTC One M8 apart from other phones. They’re exceptionally loud, and give the best sound quality of any phone. It’s excellent for sharing songs or enjoying movie sound tracks. The screen too is very impressive – 5-inches means it matches its competitors in terms of size, and the colours are some of the most life-like we’ve seen.


While we love the effects you can get with the Duo Camera, the camera quality isn’t quite up there with the other phones in the same price band. Details look fine on the screen, but on larger screens like TVs, the lower resolution is noticeable.

The One M8 is a special looking phone, but the all-metal body isn’t water resistant to the same extent as phones by Sony or Samsung. It does have splash proofing, so getting caught in the rain is no problem, but dunking it in water is certainly not recommended.


The HTC One M8 is definitely a phone for someone who wants a fancy-looking handset because it looks brilliant. It’s not a one trick pony though and with stereo speakers and a great screen, music and video lovers will love it too. If you only use your phone’s camera for the odd selfie and casual snapshots of friends, the camera quality won’t be a problem and the strong points of the One M8 will easily make up for it.

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