Best apps and gadgets for sleep tracking

It’s January, which means we all have a grand plan to get fit in time for summer – a plan that we’ll probably forget by February (check out our top fitness apps to try and keep it up a bit longer). But does your strategy for a new you include staying on top of your sleep?
Best apps and gadgets for sleep tracking

Sleep is incredibly important to any healthy lifestyle, and a good sleep cycle is said to even help you lose weight. So we’ve rounded up our favourite apps and gadgets that’ll help you get a good night’s rest.



If you’re serious about sleeping better, you want the Withings Aura Sleep System. It uses a sensor under your mattress, a bedside lamp/alarm clock and a smartphone app to create the best sleep gadget around. The sensor under your mattress tracks all your movements while the bedside device uses sound and light to create the perfect atmosphere to send you to sleep or wake you up. And the smartphone app lets you learn about your sleep and how to make it better.


Beddit is a bit simpler than the Withings Aura, as it’s only a sensor, but it actually monitors things a little more closely. When you sleep on the thin sensing strip, it monitors your heart rate and breathing as well as how deeply you sleep and how long you sleep for. So as well as giving you advice on how to sleep better, it could help you see the signs of sleeping disorders like sleep apnoea (although you’ll still need to see a doctor if you have any concerns at all).


The Jawbone Up is a handy wristband that tracks how long you sleep for and how well you sleep so it can give you personalised advice on how to sleep better. Plus its Smart Alarm vibrates to wake you up without disturbing anyone else. And it does it at the perfect moment in your sleep cycle so you feel more refreshed. Then, by day, the Jawbone Up is a comprehensive activity tracker.


The Fitbit One can track things a little differently. At night, you wear it on your wrist to track your sleep quality so you can learn how to sleep better. It also wakes you up in the morning when you’re sleeping most lightly. And during the day you can take the One out of its wrist strap and clip it to your clothes, which leaves room to wear a watch without losing the fitness tracking.



Android (99p), iOS (79p)

Sleep Cycle is an app that tries to do the job of Up24 and One, without the cost of buying a wearable. You need to open the app and then put your phone in your bed when you go to sleep and it’ll use the phone’s gyroscope to monitor your movements and work out how well your sleep and for how long. It’ll even wake you up in your lightest sleep like the sleep tracking gadgets do.


Android (Free), iOS (Free)

SleepBot is really easy to use, but tracks quite a lot. You can tell the app to act as a smart alarm, to track your motion and to record sound while you sleep. Then you just hit start sleep and nod off. In the morning you can view your details in handy graphs. The app can also automatically put your phone in silent and flight mode so your sleep won’t be disturbed.


Android (Free), iOS (Free)

Sleep Time is designed to make you feel refreshed when you wake up. It’s an alarm clock that monitors your movements as you sleep so it can wake you when you’re most ready to get up. It won’t give you as much advice on sleeping better as some apps, but you’ll certainly feel more rested for using it.


iOS (79p)

MotionX-24/7 is probably the most comprehensive app we’ve seen. It has a big focus on getting you to sleep better by monitoring sleep cycles, using a smart alarm and relaxing you with white noise. But it also tracks you throughout the day and encourages you to stay active. It can even recommend power naps and measure your heart rate.

So now that you’ve got your sleep pattern sorted for the New Year, check out our top fitness wearables to complete your healthy new lifestyle. And let us know how you get on with any sleep tracking gadgets or apps you use in the comments below.

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