Outlook for mobile vs BlackBerry vs Gmail

The Lowdown recently put its business head on and gave Gmail, Outlook and BlackBerry a test to see how they shape up against each other.
Outlook for mobile vs BlackBerry vs Gmail

When it comes to dealing with emails on the go, BlackBerry has lots of fans in the corporate world. It was the first dedicated emailing device that businesspeople could rely on when on the move. And many of them will still swear that for business emails, BlackBerry is best.

But is this actually the case? How does BlackBerry email compare to other apps on modern smartphones?

The Lowdown recently put its business head on and gave Gmail, Outlook and BlackBerry a run-out to see how they shaped up. Here’s what we found out.


Free on Android & iOS

Gmail is a great email provider for small businesses. It’s easy to create folders and store your important business documents like email invoices, receipts, purchase orders, contracts etc. This’ll be a great help when it’s time for tax and VAT returns.

To help you manage your work, there’s Gmail Labels, which allows you to create labels for finance reports, projects, suppliers, customers and anything else you can think of. You can even colour your labels, and prioritise them as you wish.

Gmail Tasks is another useful feature. It allows you to set up new jobs, and add comments, notes and due dates to make sure you stay on top of everything.

You can also use Gmail when you’re not online. Turn on ‘offline’ in settings, and if you lose connectivity, Gmail automatically switches to offline mode. You can continue to work as normal, and your replies will automatically be sent when you’re back online.


Free on Android & iOS

We’ve had to wait a while, but Microsoft now has a fully featured version of Outlook available for iOS and Android, which supports Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and other major email providers.

Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS gives you the same speedy access to your contacts, mail, calendar and files as the desktop version of Outlook. One of the features we particularly enjoy is the ability to simply swipe emails to delete or archive them. And if you’re otherwise engaged, you can schedule a time that’s more convenient for you to return, read and reply to your emails.

There’s also a focused inbox that cuts the clutter, and brings your most important emails to the top of the list.

Microsoft’s plans for the future of this app are geared towards business users, so expect some new features and functionality to surface in the soon.


Pre-installed on BlackBerry 10 phones

Nothing feels as good as accessing your business emails and messages on a BlackBerry. It’s hard to describe, but the simple swipe to access your message hub is incredibly satisfying. You can then view your emails and messages, choose to reply, or let the screen slide back.

BlackBerry allows you to set-up multiple email addresses, so you can move between business and personal accounts with ease.

With the hub, your email messages and folders are only ever a click away. And even if you have thousands of messages you can easily sort them in a number of different ways; by folders, flags, keywords, different email accounts and lots of other options. Remember, email was the sole purpose of the original BlackBerry devices, and it’s now been through loads of upgrades to make the experience as effective and intuitive as can be.

If you spend most of your time out of the office replying to your business emails, BlackBerry is probably going to be the speediest option. If you’re more likely to be researching lengthy reports and writing detailed messages, you might find that working on tablets and smartphones with larger screens is more productive. Although for writing a long email, nothing beats a QWERTY keyboard like the ones on the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic.

How do you think BlackBerry compares with other email providers? Are you a faithful follower, a recent convert, or are you satisfied that your smartphone or tablet lets you keep in touch with your business when you’re out and about? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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