Samsung Galaxy A5 review

It’s no secret that Samsung is good at creating smartphones. Does Samsung know how to create a great mid-range handset? Let’s find out with the Galaxy A5.
Samsung Galaxy A5 review


It’s no secret that Samsung is pretty darn good at creating smartphones. But, the South Korean company’s reputation rests on the likes of the Note 4 and the Galaxy S5 – amazing, top of the line products.

The question is, does Samsung know how to create a great mid-range handset? Let’s find out with the Galaxy A5…


  • Premium all-metal design
  • Super AMOLED 5-inch HD display
  • Capture ace photos with the 13MP camera
  • Intuitive camera shortcuts
  • Long-lasting battery with Ultra Power Saving Mode

The Galaxy A5 is great if you’re looking for all of Samsung’s expertise with a smaller price tag.


It’s been a long time coming, but Samsung has finally ditched the flimsy plastic rear cover as seen on most Galaxy models. We’re thrilled to announce that both the Galaxy A5, and its little brother, the A3, feature premium aluminium bodies. Pass the bubbly.

The other big design difference with the A series is that they’re both completely sealed units, so there’s no removable back cover. Access to the SIM port is located on the side of the handset, and there’s room for a microSD card there too of up to 64GB.


Samsung has a proven track record with its camera technology, and it’s the same story here. The A5 features a 13MP camera with a whole host of features to make your photography as easy and creative as possible.

A couple of our favourite features include the ‘rear-cam selfie mode’ that was first seen on the Note 4. This allows you to take advantage of the extra megapixels on the rear camera and capture higher-res selfies. By pointing the lens at your face, the A5 automatically detects when you’re ready to snap, and takes the photo.

There’s also an ‘animated GIF mode’ which allows you to capture 20 shots in quick succession, and then creates a moving image out of them. Great fun, and dead easy to do.


The A5 has a very respectable 2,300mAh battery lodged inside, which is capable of supporting over 11 hours of web browsing, or if you seriously need to catch up with a mate, up to 18 hours of 3G talk time.

You’ll also find a 1.2GHz quad core processor, joined by 2GB RAM. When running games and watching videos online, we were pleased to find that the phone didn’t get too hot, and it continued to run smoothly throughout.


A small square speaker is located on the rear of the handset, next to the camera lens. Although this looks nice, it makes for a poor listening experience if you’re watching films or gaming. A front-facing speaker would have made this experience a bit better.

The A5 is also running Android KitKat, which is a bit disappointing as Google has already released it’s most up to date OS, Android Lollipop. But, hopefully we’ll see an update available soon.


The Galaxy A5 is much more than we were expecting. It may not be king of the castle in the Samsung line up, but it’s certainly not far off. If the A5 sounds up your street, we have a gold exclusive available right now.

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