Monqi: The first smartphone for your kids

Designed with parent and child in mind...
Monqi: The first smartphone for your kids

The ideal first smartphone for kids

If you’re looking to gently introduce your kids to the world of mobile technology, Monqi is the perfect place to start.

What is Monqi?

Monqi (pronounced ‘monkey’) is the smartphone for kids, that parents control. It has a unique operating system that's hardwired into the smartphone, and lets you monitor everything your child does through a parental app.

Download here for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (App Store).

The device itself is an STK Sync 5e, and looks just like a smartphone you’d use yourself. It has a 5-inch HD display, smooth, rounded corners, and a 13MP camera.

How to use Monqi

Getting started with the Monqi phone is really straightforward. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, power up Monqi and bond the two devices by scanning the QR code that appears on-screen during setup. Here you can establish which apps you’re going to give permission for, how long the kids will be able to use them, and who they’re able to talk to.

Monqi has its own app store, specifically designed for kids. The Jungle Store is home to over 700 apps and games, all without any in-app purchases and pop-up ads. And, if you find an app you deem necessary that’s unavailable in the Jungle Store, you can temporarily allow access to the Google Play Store on Monqi, and simply remove when you're done.

Monqi’s top features

  • App restrictions: You can set the time limits for every individual app, whether that’s a few hours a day on YouTube, or just 30 minutes for Pokémon GO, you’re always in control.

  • App approvals: Only the parent or guardian can approve app downloads. While Monqi does have its own app store – the Jungle Store, every download gets passed through you before it can be installed.

  • Geo-fencing: Set area restrictions, so you’ll know if your child has left school, is on their way home, or has wandered off somewhere they shouldn’t have.

  • Contact approval: Every time your child wants to add a new contact, you must approve the newcomer – just like new apps. So, you’re always in complete control of who your child is talking to.

  • Time restrictions: Be it bedtime, tea time, or time for school, you decide when the phone is active. If it were a time of the day you’d prefer your child not use their phone, you can lock it down, so they’re not distracted. However, they’ll always be able to contact you, even when the phone is in locked.

  • Direct chat: There’s an inbuilt app that gives both of you a direct line to each other, featuring mood emojis and proof of delivery.

Current research

A recent survey of 1,000 children aged between 8 - 14 and their parents, found that young people expect to receive a reply to a message within 15 minutes, and spend over an hour a day browsing social media sites Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The study went on to reveal that by the time a child is 14-years-old, they will have sent more than 35,000 texts, 30,000 WhatsApp messages and racked up more than three solid weeks of video chat.

Psychologist, Dr Becky Speilman, commented on the findings: “The survey found that children invest a great amount of importance in the ability to stay connected – checking their smartphones before bed and as soon as they wake in the morning.

“Some parents may be alarmed by this, comparing their children’s experiences to their own childhood when technology was not as prevalent.

“Panic is not the solution, nor is denial. It is inevitable that your child will use technology, so it’s your job to help them navigate the digital waters safely, and set boundaries."

Exclusive to Carphone Warehouse

Monqi phone is exclusively available at Carphone Warehouse, SIM-free or on a Pay Monthly contract with our very own network, iD Mobile. Follow the link to be taken through to Carphone Warehouse’s website for more information.

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