Snapchat releases Google Glass-style spectacles

The social networking site unveils its first piece of hardware…
Snapchat releases Google Glass-style spectacles

On Friday night Snapchat hit us with some pretty big news – don’t worry, the dog filter isn’t going anywhere. The popular social media app announced the launch of Snap Inc. - a brand new camera company, with their first product being… Spectacles.

Spectacles are a fun new range of smartglasses that you wear with the purpose of taking photos and videos. With the glasses going on sale later this autumn, we’ve taken a look at everything we know about Spectacles so far.

  1. Content instantly saves to Snapchat

That’s right; photos taken through Specs will save to Snap Inc.’s other product Snapchat, without the use of a phone. You can also save videos to Snapchat, which can be located in Memories.

Both iOS and Android device users can transfer content through Wi-Fi. iOS device users can also transfer snaps and videos via Bluetooth.

  1. They record circular videos

Spectacles’ built-in Snap video camera saves footage in a new circular format that plays full screen on other products. This is achieved through the 115-degree-angle lens, which gives a much wider field of vision.

To record, the wearer simply taps a button on the top left-hand corner of the glasses. You can record up to 10 seconds at a time. To add more time, just tap the corner again. This can be done twice, filming a maximum of 30 seconds of footage in total.

There’s also a very prominent circular ring of LEDs around the lens that light up when a video is being shot.

  1. They come with a charging case

A full charge for the glasses lasts approximately a day. However, the charging case it comes with automatically tops them up whenever they’re stored away. The case provides four more charges before you have to top that up with juice.

The Spectacles come in black, teal or coral with a contemporary design made to look like regular sunglasses.

  1. They’re quite an affordable toy

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel described Spectacles as a “toy”, more like a fun addition to Snapchat, as apposed to a product of the future.

What’s more, they cost a cool $129.99 (£100) – which is reasonable considering that the ill-fated Google Glass cost $1,500 when it debuted.

What do you make of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles? Will you be buying yourself a pair? Drop us a comment below.

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