IFA 2016 gadget highlights

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IFA 2016 gadget highlights
Samsung Televisions at IFA 2016 Berlin

We’re live at Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show, taking a look at the latest new gadgets from some of the world's biggest tech brands. Here are some of the highlights…

Samsung Gear S3

Kicking off the show was a brand new smartwatch from the maker of the Galaxy S7. The new S3 has a lot in common with last year's S2 smartwatch, including the popular rotating bezel. But this year the focus was really on design, with Swiss designers brought in to make the smartwatch feel and look much more like a watch. There are two different models available, Frontier for the hipster in all of us, and the Classic, for people a little more understated.

Huawei Nova

P9 makers, Huawei, announced a brand new mid-range smartwatch at IFA – the Nova and Nova plus. These affordable smartphones pack a lot of the great features you’ll find on the higher-end smartphones, including a best-in-class fingerprint scanner and long-lasting battery. But these phones are definitely meant for the selfie generation, with a load of features to make taking a snap of yourself even easier. It even has eight different make up styles you can apply to your pics if you’ve accidentally left the lippie at home.

Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact

Sony releases a brand new flagship smartphone every six months, and this time we got the curvy new XZ and X Compact. Like most Sony releases, the emphasis was on the camera, this time introducing three new sensors including an RGB colour sensor and laser autofocus. It takes some beautiful photos. And unlike other smaller smartphones, the compact version doesn’t compromise on quality. The X Compact is packed with exactly the same features as its bigger brother.

Lenovo Yoga Book

This fantastic new tablet from Lenovo is definitely the talk of IFA. It takes the concept of a tablet and keyboard, but adds some brilliant features. The keyboard doubles as a massive track pad, so you can write on it using either the e-ink pen to write on the screen, or a normal pen, which you can use to write on paper, while the screen copies everything you write. The Yoga tablet comes in Android and Windows models, and, from all accounts, it’s going to be brilliantly priced too.

Sony FES Watch U

The idea of an e-ink watch isn’t new. Pebble’s been doing it for a while. But e-ink straps are another idea all together. Instead of designing just a tiny watch face, the designer has the whole watch to play with. Which means you can switch styles whenever it takes your fancy. The idea is currently part of Sony’s crowdfunding initiative, but it was so popular at IFA, it’s more than likely we’ll see it in stores soon.

Moto Mods

This was our first chance to get our hands on Motorola’s great new MOD concept. Combined with its new X Play mobile phone, which has a magnetic back, these are things like cases, speakers or even projectors, which you can magnetically attach to the back of the phone. The Mods attach and detach in a really clever way. And the new camera attachment is brilliant. It has a zoom lens similar to the old Samsung Galaxy Zoom phone. But with this device, rather than carrying around the bulky zoom phone all the time, you can remove the camera, chuck it in your bag, and keep using the phone.

Sony MDR-1000X wireless headphones

Wireless headphones look set to be more popular than ever in 2016. And the new king of the wireless headphones is Sony’s new MD-1000X. They sound beautiful, they’re noise-cancelling and very comfortable to wear, plus they have a brilliant unique feature up their sleeve. Rather than having to pause your music if someone tries to talk to you, you just touch one of the cans, and it lowers the volume and removes noise-cancellation, so you can hear them clearly. Remove your hand, and your music returns.

That's it from IFA 2016. What did you think of this years new gadgets? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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