5 of the best phones for summer

If you're heading out into the summer sun, make sure you’re packing the perfect phone…
5 of the best phones for summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to say hello to the sun. We know this because Facebook told us. Although perhaps they should have checked their own weather forecast first.

We’re optimists here at The Lowdown, so we’re convinced that months of sunshine and glorious weather are almost upon us. If we’re right, no doubt you’ll be heading outdoors and having fun - so let’s match you up with the perfect phone.

Best phone for summer sounds

If you want to add some music to a lazy summer’s day in the park, you’ll want a phone capable of pumping out quality sound. So here’s the HTC 10 – one of the few phones with certified Hi-Res audio.

HTC’s flagship phones are famous for their sound quality, and the HTC 10’s brand new BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition speakers carry on that tradition. They’ve got the same separated tweeter and woofer design as leading acoustic systems, with a dedicated amplifier for each speaker.

Order the HTC 10 from Carphone Warehouse.

If you want to make your HTC 10 sound even better, take a look at this: 5 portable speakers for outdoor parties

Best phone for summer photography

If you want to take great looking photos on a summer’s day, the Galaxy S7 is the phone for you.

It’s got a big 12MP image sensor, with Dual Pixel autofocusing technology and an ultra-wide angle lens. All this adds up to photos that are brightly coloured, pin sharp and packed with detail, in both bright conditions and shade. And that wide-angle lens is perfect for shots of landscapes and stunning scenery.

The Galaxy S7’s camera is great in low-light conditions too, because its larger pixels let more light in. So you can keep shooting even as the sun goes down.

Order the Samsung Galaxy S7 from Carphone Warehouse.

Best phone for using outdoors

Sometimes the glare of the summer sun can make it difficult to see our smartphone display and use it properly. Where’s the fun in that?

You need a phone with a display that can handle bright conditions. Luckily, we did some research into this subject recently, and the Huawei P9 came out on top.

We’re really impressed about how bright the P9’s 5.2-inch screen can be. We were able to use it even in direct sunlight, with no issues at all. In fact, we even had to turn the brightness down now and again.

According to the phone’s specifications, the P9 is capable of 500 nits of brightness. The ‘nit’ is a basically a unit used to describe a light source, and a rating of 500 is classed as 'extremely good'.

Order the Huawei P9 from Carphone Warehouse.

If you wear sunglasses when you use your smartphone outdoors, it’s worth reading this: I can’t see my phone through my sunglasses

Best phone for camping or festivals

If you’re hitting a festival or heading out on a camping trip, you’ll want a phone with a battery that lasts a while. And if it has a removable battery, then all the better.

The LG G5 is one of the few flagship smartphones that comes with a handy removable battery, which weighs in at 2,800mAh. That’s big enough to last a full day of normal use with a decent amount of juice left. And if you’ve got a spare battery tucked carefully in your bag or pocket somewhere, you’ve got the power to basically double your running time.

Order the LG G5 from Carphone Warehouse.

Our compact choice for camping or festivals

Compact smartphones don’t take up much room, and their battery life is usually pretty decent – so they’re a great choice for festivals.

And they don’t come any better than the Xperia Z5 Compact.

The Xperia Z5 Compact is a small yet supremely powerful phone, with a waterproof and durable design. Its 23MP camera is amazing quality for a compact handset, and comes with super-fast autofocus of 0.03 seconds. Sony reckons the 2,600mAh battery will last you a full 2 days of normal use.

Interested? Order the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact from Carphone Warehouse.

If you want a few more festival gadget ideas, check out this: 5 essential festival gadgets and accessories.

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