Downloads of the week

Our top downloads include a comedy, game, music biography and some Eurovision action...
Downloads of the week


Prince by Matt Thorne

Prince left us lots of great songs to remember him by, but he remains a mystery to even his most devoted fans. He rarely did interviews, avoided being in the public eye whenever possible, and could be deliberately misleading when he did speak.

Matt Thorne has spent years researching and uncovering Prince’s story, and this detailed biography is the result - it’s the go-to book for anyone interested in the pop maverick. As well as a full account of Prince’s personal life, the book also has details of every single Prince song - released and unreleased - throughout his 35 years of recording.

You can download Matt Thorne’s Prince biography from all good eBook stores.


Daddy’s Home

We haven’t had a comedy as our movie download of the week for a while, so let’s sort that out right now with Daddy’s Home.

Will Ferrell is Brad Whitaker, a straight-laced stepdad struggling to gain the respect of his stepchildren. And things aren’t helped when their biological father, Dusty Mayron (played by Mark Wahlberg) turns up.

Dusty is a muscle-bound, motor-biking, hard-living, rock-n-rolling tough guy. And even worse, he still has feelings for his ex-wife Sara, who is now Brad’s wife.

If all this sounds quite serious, don’t worry. The film quickly becomes a hilarious battle of ‘who’s the coolest’ between Brad and Dusty, as motorbikes get accidentally driven in and out of homes, and skateboards hit overhead electrical wires.

Ouch. Hopefully Brad will recover in time for a heart-warming finale where everyone learns valuable life lessons and they all become friends. If you want to find out if this actually happens, download Daddy’s Home from iTunes or Google Play.


Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016

The wait is almost over. On 14 May, the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Final descends upon the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

The greatest pop stars and most talented songwriters throughout Europe will be… nowhere to be seen. Instead, the usual array of weird and wonderful contestants will entertain our ears. Some songs will make us laugh, some will make us cry, and some will make us say: “Hey, that one’s actually quite good!”

The United Kingdom’s hopes rest on ‘Joe and Jake’, a likeable young duo saddled with a name that makes them sound like a pair of children’s TV presenters. Their song ‘You’re Not Alone’ is a catchy little number, but is it good enough to beat the likes of ‘You Are The Only One’ from hot Russian favourite Sergey Lazarev? We’re not so sure. We played ‘You Are The Only One’ on The Lowdown office stereo earlier (purely for research purposes), and we haven’t been able to stop humming its Europop-tastic chorus ever since.

You can listen to Sergey Lazarev, Joe and Jake, and the 41 other Eurovision hopefuls by downloading the Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016 from Google Play or iTunes.


Chameleon Run

Our game of the week is Chameleon Run. At first glance, it appears to be a simple endless running game. But there’s a lot more going on than that.

Here are the basics. You’re a blocky little guy with one thing in mind – to get to the finish. To do this, tap the right of the screen to jump over deadly black obstacles.

You’ll also need to avoid touching anything that’s a different colour to you. So tap the left of the screen to change colour.

As you progress through the game you’ll learn new types of jumps, and you’ll face different obstacles. So pretty soon you’ll be frantically colour-changing, see-sawing and head-jumping to stay alive.

Chameleon Run is our game of the week because of one simple fact - it’s great fun to play. And that’s exactly what we need after playing way too much Stack, one of last week’s recommended downloads. Stack is a fine game, but it has us screaming in frustration every single time we play it. If you’ve been afflicted in the same way and you want a game that puts a smile on your face, download Chameleon Run on Google Play (£1.67), or iTunes (£1.49).

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