Best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge accessories

Get more from your new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with these extras...
Best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge accessories

We really like the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but with the right accessories you can make them even better. Here’s our pick of the little extras that’ll take your phone to the next level.

PNY microSDHC 64GB memory card

PNY 64GB microSD card

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge have microSD card slots, letting you add more memory to the phones when you need it. So if you take lots of photos, watch lots of movies, or listen to lots of music, pick up the PNY 64GB microSD card – it’ll stop you worrying about filling up your new phone.

Buy the PNY microSDHD 64GB memory card.

Samsung wireless charging station

Samsung wireless charging station

Wireless charging is another handy feature of the new Galaxy S7 range, so make sure you take advantage of it with Samsung’s official Wireless Charging Station. Just plug it into the wall and leave it on a table, then, when you need to recharge your phone, just put it down on the pad – there’s no fiddling with wires anymore.

Buy the Samsung Wireless Charging Station.

S View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 S View Cover

It’s not just Samsung’s phones that are smart, its cases can be pretty clever too. The S View Cover has a transparent plastic window in its flip front, letting you check the time, notifications and more without exposing your S7’s screen to the elements. You can even use the camera through the window.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 S View Cover.

Clear View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge clear view

The Samsung Clear View Cover is similar to the S View one, only its entire flip front is translucent. You can check the time and notifications and answer calls through the colour-tinged plastic without having to open the case up. It’s really handy when you think most screen damage is done when you’re using the phone.

Buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Clear View Cover.

TechGuard 3D Glass screen protector

Samsung Galaxy S7 TechGuard glass screen protector

If you want to keep the screen of your Galaxy S7 protected even when you’re doing more complicated tasks, like playing a game, you’ll want the TechGuard 3D Glass screen protector. It has a special coating to ward off smudges and a shock absorption layer the prevent cracks. Plus it’s made from super-tough glass that won’t scratch easily.

Buy the TechGuard 3D Glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7.
Buy the TechGuard 3D Glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Gear4 IceBox Shock

Samsung Galaxy S7 Gear4 IceBox Shock case

For the best protection against drops for your new Galaxy, take a look at the Gear4 IceBox Shock case. Made with unique D3O, a military-grade shock-absorbing material, this case has been tested against drops from two metres. And despite being so tough, it’s still pretty slim.

Buy the Gear4 IceBox Shock case for Samsung Galaxy S7.
Buy the Gear4 IceBox Shock case for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung Gear VR

If you really want to take your new Galaxy S7 to another level, you’ll want the Samsung Gear VR. This virtual reality headset uses your S7 or S7 edge to take you to incredible virtual worlds. There are already hundreds of experiences you’d normally only find in your dreams, and more are being added all the time.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

For the ultimate convenience when using your new phone, get the Samsung Gear S2. This smartwatch puts all the most useful parts of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge right on your wrist – so you get notifications, navigation, S Health and more without having to take your phone out of your pocket. And it’s been designed to look and feel like a classic wristwatch.

Buy the Samsung Gear S2.

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