Our favourite phone facts

Check out some of the stranger stats about our relationship with mobiles...
Our favourite phone facts

For most of us, our mobile phones are an essential part of our lives. And because they’re so popular, there are plenty of interesting facts about them. Just check out our collection below.

1. How many adults always have their phone on them?

Phone facts

A massive 90% of adults in the UK have their mobile within arm’s reach at all times. We presume the other 10% are also the ones who don’t reply to messages, even though there are two blue ticks next to them.

2. How many times do you unlock your phone a day?

Phone facts

With so many of us unable to part from our phones, it’s hardly surprising that the average person unlocks their smartphone 110 times a day. What makes it even more amazing is that we would never unlock our phones when we’re meant to be working, honest.

3. How long was the longest phone call?

Phone facts

The longest phone call lasted 56 hours and 4 minutes – that’s more than two days! Apparently the conversation covered some pretty deep topics, including social dynamics, mind power and… umm… aquariums.

4. How big was the biggest working mobile phone?

Phone facts

The biggest ever working mobile phone measured a colossal 4.57 metres wide and 3.42 metres tall. It was a scaled up Samsung SCH-r450, complete with slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an enormous web browser. While Guinness World Records officially calls it a ‘mobile’ phone, we think the Americanism ‘cell’ phone would be more accurate in this case.

5. Which is the top selling mobile phone ever?

Phone facts

You would probably have guessed something from Apple or Samsung would take this crown, but with 250 million units sold, the Nokia 1100 is the most popular phone ever. For comparison, Apple’s most popular iPhone, the iPhone 5, has sold 70 million units.

6. What’s more powerful: Your phone or NASA’s moon landing computers?

Phone facts

The computers that coordinated the Apollo 11 moon landings had to navigate through 240,000 miles of space. And then do it all in reverse to get Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins back safely. That must have taken an impressive computer, surely.

Nope, your phone’s using vastly more power when it’s just sat on your desk – even your toaster could have more computing power. The Apollo Guidance Computer had around 64KB of memory, 500,000 times less than the 32GB Galaxy S6, and ran at just 0.043MHz, almost 50,000 times slower than Samsung’s flagship.

7. What was James Bond’s first mobile phone?

Phone facts

Despite the first mobile phone coming out in the 80s and the fact that those huge bricks would have given Q a lot of room to embed gadgets, Bond waited until 1997 to get his first mobile. The first James Bond mobile phone was the Ericsson JB988 (why not JB007 if you’re already using his initials?). He used it in Tomorrow Never Dies to remotely drive his BMW 750i – even the latest smartphones don’t come with that feature.

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