Keep your phone working in cold weather

Top tips for using your phone when you’re out in the cold...
Keep your phone working in cold weather

Is it just us, or is it getting a bit nippy outside?

Nope, it’s not just us.

In fact, we’ve just seen the coldest night of the winter, with temperatures in some places dropping to -14⁰C.

If you need to venture outside, the cold can play havoc with your smartphone. But never fear - you can count on us for help. Check out our cold weather phone tips below.

Met Office Weather App

First things first, do you really need to head out in these conditions? Is it even safe?

The official Met Office Weather App (free on iOS and Android) is exactly what you need in this situation. Subscribe to its push notifications, and you’ll be alerted when UK National Severe Weather Warnings are issued for snow, strong winds, ice, fog and rain.

And because the information comes directly from the Met Office, you get the most up-to-date and accurate weather forecasting in the country. What more could you want?

Look after your phone

Smartphones don’t like the cold, and most will start to struggle at temperatures of -4⁰C and below. Battery life gradually gets worse, so make sure you’re fully charged before you leave the house.

If your phone gets too cold it could even turn off completely, so you need to keep it as warm as possible. Don’t leave it in your unheated parked car, for example. Instead, keep it in your warmest, snuggest pocket. You might also want to invest in a phone case for some added protection from the elements (check out Carphone Warehouse’s range of phone covers here).

If you really want to make sure your phone doesn’t get cold, what about this for a tip – stick a mobile charger in your pocket, plug in those silly USB hand-warming gloves you can buy for a fiver or so, and place your lucky phone lovingly inside them!

Look after your hands

It’s not just your phone that suffers in cold weather – your poor old fingers aren’t going to have much fun either. Luckily, there are a couple of handy solutions to prevent numb digits affecting your phone use.

Touchscreen gloves
There are lots of touchscreen gloves out there, and the best of them - like these Trendz gloves - use intelligent touch technology to give you complete control of your smartphone screen.

Glove mode
If you’re lucky, your phone will have a glove mode – look for it in your settings, under ‘Display’ or something similar. Glove mode increases your screen’s sensitivity, so you’ll be able to get things done even when you’re wearing normal gloves.

And here’s another top tip – give your gloved finger a quick lick beforehand, and it’ll work even better. Trust us on this one.

Look after your home

When you’ve had enough of the cold weather and you’re ready to head back home, there’s just one more thing to take care of – switching on your central heating with your smartphone.

That’s right - if you’ve got a smart thermostat like Nest, you’ll be able to use the Nest app on your mobile to make sure your home's as warm as toast the minute you open the front door.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our handy cold weather phone tips – if you’ve got any of your own, feel free to share below.

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