Best fitness apps for 2016

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to work on your health and fitness, here are some apps to help you out.
Best fitness apps for 2016

We’ve had our festive fun. But now it’s time to get in shape, right?

Come on – we can do this.

To help you get up and running, we’ve rounded up a few of the best health and fitness apps around. There’s something for everyone here, even if you’re an absolute beginner.


iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

The best app for creating new health goals

If you’re taking your very first steps towards getting healthy, then Lifesum is for you. Slowly but surely it’ll guide you towards forming healthy habits, and achieving your fitness goals.

If you want to lose weight, for example, Lifesum will help you make better food choices, improve your exercise, and give you advice for those dark days where you struggle for motivation.


iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

The best app for first time runners

C25K has a specific goal in mind for you. It’ll get you from being a complete beginner to a 5k distance runner in 8 weeks.

C25K is tailored to first time runners. It starts with a mix of running and walking to gradually build up your strength and stamina, and is packed with challenges that’ll keep you moving forward to your goal. Stick with it, and in 8 weeks you’ll be running your 5k!


iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

The best app for custom workouts

The great thing about Sworkit is that it’s flexible and customisable. You get to pick and choose from over 170 exercises, and create your very own video routines ranging from 5 to 60 minutes.

Sworkit has an impressive range of exercises. In addition to the usual strength, stretching and cardio routines, you’ll find options for pilates and yoga.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering about that name - it’s derived from ‘simply work it’.



The best (and only) app to book a personal trainer

Uber for personal trainers. That’s the best way of describing TruBe.

You simply book a workout straight from the app, select a location, and within an hour you could be doing your fitness thing with the help of a trained professional. TruBe’s range of workouts includes kickboxing, yoga, pre/post-natal and ballet barre:

TruBe is free to download, but obviously the personal trainers you book cost money. To keep costs down, be sure to look out for introductory offers when you download the app - and remember that you can always workout with a friend to share the bill.


iOS (FREE) / Android (FREE)

The app that rewards your hard work

Forget air miles. Earthmiles is where it’s at these days.

As soon as you download and set up the Earthmiles app, you’ll start collecting precious earthmiles every time you track an activity (cycling, running, walking, yoga and more). The more you do, the more you collect.

You can then redeem your earthmiles on various discounts and offers from Earthmiles’ reward partners. Take a look at what’s currently on offer here.

Do you have a favourite fitness app? If you want to recommend one and share your thoughts, please comment below.

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