Star Wars comes to your Google apps

Will you make your Google account part of the light side, or the dark?
Star Wars comes to your Google apps

It’s less than a month until Star Wars: The Force Awakens descends upon us.

If you can’t contain your excitement until the big day on 17 December, then help is at hand. Google has just released an awesome promo to help you: “Awaken The Force Within”.

Head on over to, and you’ll be given the same choice that Luke Skywalker’s father offered him - to go for the light side, or to be a bit more daring and head over to the dark side.

Choose wisely, and your Google apps will ‘follow your path’ - which means they’ll automatically be refreshed with your new customised theme. Here are some especially cool things to look out for:

  • In Google Maps, your home and current locations will have a TIE Fighter, X-Wing or other type of Star Wars craft hovering over them. We’re pretty sure there’s an Imperial Shuttle above The Lowdown offices as we speak.


  • In YouTube and Gmail your search and playback bars are now gorgeous lightsabers (although you’ll only see this on desktop versions at the moment).


  • In Google Calendars, certain dates have now been populated with Star Wars events.


  • If you’re wearing an Android watch, you’ll get a free Star Wars watch face.


  • If you use Google Waze to get from A to B, you can now choose C3PO’s irritating metallic tones to be your voice guide. R2-D2 and BB-8 will be in there somewhere too.


  • In Google Chromecast, you’ll see some awesome Star Wars images from both the classic and new versions.


There’s going to be a lot more Star Wars goodies lurking in your Google apps, so get searching! And even more stuff will be added as the film’s release date approaches – including some VR content for Google Cardboard.

These new designs will last up until 1 February 2016 according to Google, so you’ll be able to enjoy them long after Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens.

And if you want to change allegiance after you’ve watched the film, you’ll be able to do that too - you can switch at any time from the Google Star Wars page. Although we can’t imagine that the force will look too kindly upon that kind of thing.

If your Google is now part of the light or dark side, tell us what you’ve found there – any cool things that we haven’t mentioned? Feel free to comment below.

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