Scary apps to trick your friends

We’ve got some terrifying apps to help you put the ‘trick’ into trick-or-treat this Halloween.
Scary apps to trick your friends

It’s Halloween this weekend. Time for trick-or-treat.

If you want to do some treating, then check out our great smart tech gift suggestions.

However. If you’re in more of a tricking mood, we’ve unearthed some of the spookiest and scariest apps to trick and terrify your unsuspecting friends, family and work colleagues.

To give you a better idea on just how scary each one of these apps is, we asked one of the most emotionally fragile members of our team to give them a try and rate them for us…

In a dark room.

Inside a haunted house.

At midnight.

In Acton.

Unfortunately they were never seen again, but they helpfully left us a voicemail message with their thoughts on each app, followed by a garbled cry for help that we assumed was a joke. Ah well - you live and learn.

Scare Prank

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Here’s the deal with Scare Prank. It’s cunningly disguised as a reaction game, where you – or your friend – are asked to perform simple tasks such as tapping the screen when two boats meet each other.

A horrific ghost-child type thing then flashes up on the screen, accompanied by a blood-curdling scream.

Our Lowdown reviewer’s verdict:The fake game on this is very well done, so it’ll easily fool most people. Turn the volume right up and when the fright scene comes, it’s pretty effective. Bit of a shame you can’t choose your scary image though. I’ll score it 4 out of 5.”

Scare Your Friend

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Scare Your Friend lets you choose a horrifying image, a frightening sound, and a terrifying timescale. You then simply hand your phone to an unsuspecting victim, and after the amount of time you specified, all hell breaks loose.

Our Lowdown reviewer’s verdict: There’s a nice range of set-up choices at the beginning, and the images are great – scary clowns are always a good choice. There’s no actual game or anything to trick your mate with, so you’ll need to do a bit of careful planning to make sure they’re looking at the phone when the fright comes. It’s another 4 out of 5.”

Scare My Friends

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Scare My Friends gives you a choice of videos for your friend/victim to take a look at, along with a selection of suitably horrific images to traumatise them. The app also uses your device's front-facing camera to take a picture of whoever’s looking at the screen, at the exact moment they get a fright.

Our Lowdown reviewer’s verdict:I love it. Having cat videos on here as the ‘decoy’ is a stroke of genius. Who can’t resist a cat video? There’s a good choice of images if you get the paid version, and the fact that it takes a photo of your hapless victim is a real masterstroke. 5 out of 5 for this app.”

Scary Prank

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Scary Prank is another fright app disguised as a reaction game. The user has to memorise and match numbers floating across the screen, before the scare-scene appears.

Our Lowdown reviewer’s verdict:The reaction game is slow and it goes on waaay too long. If your mate’s got a low attention span, the chances are they’ll have put the phone down and wandered off long before the fright happens. The image itself is a disappointing low-res effort, and there’s absolutely no choice. 3 out of 5 for this one, and I’m being generous.

Garbled cry for help.

And that was that – as we said, our reviewer was never seen or heard from again. But on cold, lonely nights here in The Lowdown office, some say their wails of anguish can still be heard, near their favourite coffee machine…

If you get the chance to try any of these apps out for yourself, let us know if you agreed with our verdict on them. And if you’ve come across any other devilishly good apps to trick your mates, feel free to share.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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