James Bond gets an Xperia Z5 for Spectre

In his new movie, 007 will be the lucky owner of a Z5. How does it compare with his previous smartphones?
James Bond gets an Xperia Z5 for Spectre

The news is out. James Bond will be rocking a new Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone in the upcoming Spectre movie.

But has he made the right choice? To find out, we’re going to take a closer look at how this fabulous phone’s standout features would suit someone with a licence to kill.

Back in black

Despite the fact that the Z5 is available in a stunning Ice White exclusively at Carphone Warehouse, Bond has gone for classic black. It’s probably the ideal colour for him, to be honest. The phone’s muted colour scheme will complement his classic style and tailoring, and he doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd too much - no matter how good the other colours look.

Fingerprint security

Bond doesn’t want any old Tom, Dick or Harry picking up his phone, checking out his top secret contact list and perhaps even ruining his love life by changing his Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’. So he’ll enjoy the security that the fingerprint sensor on the Z5’s power button provides.

More ground-breaking battery power

“M? It’s 007. I’m strapped to a table with a laser slowly inching towards my… argh! I’ve been cut off!”

Imagine how miffed Bond would be if his phone ran out of power at a crucial moment like the one above. Thankfully, the Xperia smartphones have always had impressive battery life, and the Z5 will give him as much as two days of power from a single charge. That’s more than enough for Bond to complete his phone call and escape with his spying credentials intact.

Waterproof and dust tight design

The Z5 doesn’t mind a bit of water, so Bond can carry on using it even in the rain. The phone’s updated guidelines don’t recommend completely submerging it though, so hopefully he’s not holding it in this picture:

We think you’ll agree that the Z5 is a fantastic flagship that will do a fine job of meeting most of Bond’s needs. But how does it compare to his previous phones?

Ericsson JB988 (Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997)

This was the first mobile phone Bond used, and it’s still the only one to be modified by Q. At various parts of the film it was used as an electric taser gun, a remote control for Bond’s car, and as a fingerprint scanner (bit far-fetched, that last one).

Sony Ericsson K800i (Casino Royale – 2006)

The Sony Ericsson K800i features fairly prominently in Casino Royale. Bond uses it to make a few crucial phone calls without too much drama. But then bad guy Carlos uses a different one to detonate a bomb - without realising the bomb in question is actually on his belt, placed there by Bond. A classic JB prank, putting paid to the notion that he doesn't have a sense of humour.

Sony Ericsson C902 (Quantum Of Solace – 2008)

Bond was back on a Sony Ericsson in 2008's Quantum of Solace. This time, he employs the 5-megapixel camera with autofocus to good effect, sneakily snapping members of Quantum during a secret meeting, and sharing it with MI6 to reveal their true identities.

Sony Xperia T (Skyfall – 2012)

Bond’s most recent outing in the awesome Skyfall saw him team up with the Sony Xperia T. The phone’s big scene was in a bar in Shanghai, where Bond used it to receive the flight details of an inbound assassin. This is a great example of the importance of setting up international roaming on your phone, with Bond’s attention to detail paying off once again.

And now of course, Bond has bagged himself an upgrade deal to the Sony Xperia Z5. We can’t wait to see both of them in action!

Are you as excited as we are about Spectre? Share your thoughts below.

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