5 tips to organise your smartphone home screen

Is your smartphone cluttered up with apps you no longer use? It’s time to get organised.
5 tips to organise your smartphone home screen

There are a couple of good ways of telling how organised you really are. Sock drawer and smartphone.

Sock drawer-wise, if your socks are all nicely paired up together with no dodgy old ones lurking about in the background – good job.

It’s the same story on your smartphone. If you’re organised, you’ll have all your apps neatly placed where they belong, and unused ones will have been removed long ago. If that’s not the case, then today’s the day to get it sorted – it’s National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day after all. As we speak, millions of people are sorting out the clutter on their PCs, laptops and mobile devices…

So if your smartphone home screens need a spring clean, here are a few top tips to help you out.

1. Think of a screen number

How many home screens should a smartphone have? It’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions, we reckon. Some people like filling up lots of screens with apps, widgets and shortcuts, while others go for as few screens as possible and keep a few important apps close to hand. Having a single screen isn’t unheard of either – and who are we to judge? The important thing is to organise everything just how you want it.

2. Get rid of old apps, and don’t put up with dodgy ones

Before you begin organising in earnest, spend some time doing an app and widget cull. We all enjoy doing Facebook friend culls (don’t we?) so let’s do exactly the same thing here. If you haven’t heard from an app in a while and no longer use it, get rid of it. If your widget drives you to distraction with endless useless notifications, bin it. If an app annoys you by crashing and being generally unreliable, don’t put up with its nonsense anymore – get rid! As well as being extremely satisfying, taking this harsh but necessary action will be good for your battery life too.

3. It’s time to get organised

Once you’ve ditched the dead weight you can start getting organised.

It’s up to you how you do it. You don’t even need folders – if you want to organise all your apps alphabetically, go for it. Or what about going colour-coded? Yes, someone in the Lowdown office even claims to have a friend that simply sorts all their apps by colour.

If that sounds a bit too way out, then of course, folders will keep your apps tidy and save you space. It’s exactly the same process to create a folder on Android and iOS - just drag one app icon on top of another. You can then drag more apps into the folder whenever you want.

You can also ‘tap and hold’ on a folder to rename it. This is your chance to ditch those pre-set folder names you’re not too keen on (‘utilities’, anyone?) and make them more memorable.

4. Try a custom launcher

If you’re looking for other imaginative ways of storing your apps, you might want to consider trying a custom launcher.

One of our favourite Android launchers is Action Launcher 3. Its ‘quick draw’ feature stores all your apps neatly away in a smooth-scrolling alphabetical list. And there’s also a handy ‘quick find’ feature that lets you search for any app and load it within a second.

5. Downsize your widgets

Okay. So you’ve deleted all the apps you don’t need, and you’ve got your folders sorted.

But if you’re still swiping through too many screens to find what you need, it could also be worth thinking about cutting down on your widget size.

Yes, that huge clock app you’ve got covering most of your home screen looks fun, but do you really need it?

And what about that massive widget that gives you a week’s worth of weather – when was the last time you used that? Downsize your widgets. You know it makes sense.

And that’s you done! Your smartphone home screens are now in pristine condition, with everything in its right place. The only challenge that lies ahead is trying to keep it looking this neat and tidy. Any tips? Share below.

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