Microsoft unveils Lumia 950 and more

Microsoft has been busy. Meet the new Windows 10 smartphones, new Microsoft Band and Continuum...
Microsoft unveils Lumia 950 and more

Meet the Microsoft Lumia 950 & 950 XL

The Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL are finally here - and it’s been well worth the wait.

The duo adopt the top spot in the Lumia family, taking over from 2014’s Nokia Lumia 930. They’re also the first devices to be running the mobile version of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 (more on this below). So without further ado, let’s talk about what these babies can do.

The 950, the smaller of the two, has a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, which is a first for Windows. That’s a pixel per inch density of 563, which is a really high quality and immediately noticeable when using the handset. The 950 XL’s display is 5.7-inches and also boasts Quad HD resolution.

We also see the return of the 20MP PureView camera on both phones, which featured on the 930. It’s still really quick to focus and snap a shot, and comes with 4K video-recording capabilities and the world’s first triple LED flash.

Check out our comparison video below, and to read how to two stack up, click here.

Windows 10

The big news however, is the brand new operating system - Windows 10, which not only features a design overhaul, a brand new browser (Microsoft Edge), and all of Microsoft’s Office apps, but an even smarter Cortana, too. The virtual assistant can now find stuff for you online based on your interests and personal preferences.

Windows 10 is designed to work across all your devices, creating a seamless experience. So if you download an app on your phone, it’ll be on your desktop when you get home.

Microsoft Continuum

It’s not all about the mobiles when it comes to Microsoft however, with the company’s mantra being centred on your devices working in unity.

Microsoft Continuum is a smart gadget that works as a middleman between the new phones and your computer or TV. By putting them all together, you can lift the Windows 10 experience from your mobile, and broadcast it onto a larger screen.

The little box plugs into any screen’s HDMI port, with the other end attached to the 950. It then upscales the small screen to the big one, leaving the 950’s display to work as a mouse track pad.

The clever bit is that there’s no loss of quality, as everything automatically resizes. The possibilities are endless, but this means you can show the meeting room your excel spreadsheet you worked on at home, or the family the photos you took on holiday, without passing around your phone.

Find out more about Microsoft Continuum here.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has also chosen to give us a little bit more insight into HoloLens, the augmented, mixed reality headset, which will be coming in the first quester of 2016 for the tidy sum of $3,000 (and that’s for the developer kit!)

This hardware, which fits over the head and eyes, allows users to turn any location into a platform to game in, and it looks totally awesome. More to follow next year.

New Microsoft Band

The new Microsoft Band looks to follow a very similar design to it’s predecessor, this time featuring a curved display – which will hopefully make it a bit more comfortable to wear than the original.

The slim display still sits on the inside of the wrist, and is very much aimed towards those who appreciate an active lifestyle. Track your heart rate, sleep quality, steps, elevation, calories burned and with Cortana integration. It will also work across all platforms, including iOS, Android, and of course, Windows Phone.

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