#Fridayfeeling: Apps for a big night in

If you’re doing Stoptober but have that #Fridayfeeling, never fear - here are some apps for a big night in.
#Fridayfeeling: Apps for a big night in

It’s Friday. We told you it would come round again. There’s only one thing for it – put on your glad rags, order a taxi, hit the town and get it on until the break of dawn!

Or not. You're doing Stoptober, remember? Going sober for October - a whole month without drinking, all for a good cause. So let's not ruin that.

Even if you're not doing Stoptober, you don't HAVE to hit the town. We've checked, and it's not against the law or anything. You're perfectly entitled to stay in tonight.

You don't have to be bored though. Staying in can be fun too. Especially if you get some friends round. And you can tempt them by saying you’ll get a takeaway in (without mentioning they’ll be paying their share). If that sounds like a decent plan, check out these apps.

Just Eat
iOS (FREE), Android (FREE), Windows Phone (Free)

The Just Eat app puts 20,000 takeaways into the palm of your hand. Stick in your postcode and you’ll see what’s available in your local area. When you find the restaurant of your choice you’ll be able to order from its menu, pay by card and have it delivered straight to your door. Easy.


iOS (FREE), Android (FREE)

The big rival to Just East is hungryhouse. They’ve partnered up with over 10,000 takeaway restaurants, and you’re able to get fed in the same way as Just Eat. Find a local restaurant, place your order and get it delivered.

If you’ve got a Windows Phone though, you’re out of luck – hungryhouse hasn’t got round to creating an app for you yet. But you’ve still got lots of other options. Pizza, anyone?

Pizza Hut
iOS (FREE), Android (FREE), Windows Phone

There’s not much in it between Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Just for you, we did some hands-on research here at The Lowdown, and we can say with some confidence that both places do a really, really good pizza.

However – if you’re bored of normal pizza crusts and have a hankering for something more garlicky, then Pizza Hut is the only place you’ll get a pizza encircled by 28 amazing cheesy bites topped with garlic & herb butter.

iOS (FREE), Android (FREE), Windows Phone

Finally, here’s the Domino’s app. If you’ve been impressed by Pizza Hut’s innovation on the crust front, then you might be interested to know that Domino’s are no slouches in that department either. They’ve got a hotdog stuffed crust at the moment. There’s only one word for that – ‘genius’.

Feel free to give us your suggestions on what apps could make your Friday night in a bit better. And if you’ve got a strong opinion on pizza crusts, we’d love to hear that too. Share your comments below.

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