#MondayMotivation: Stay motivated or pay up

Beeminder is a goal-tracking app with a sting in its tail. If you stray from your goal, you pay.
#MondayMotivation: Stay motivated or pay up

It was Friday a few days ago and that was great, because it meant that the whole weekend was ahead of us. Saturday was a blast, but then Sunday came along. And no matter how good Sunday is, it always means that Monday’s just around the corner.

And here we are. Monday. The whole week stretching before us like a… big stretching thing.

But let’s be positive. Let’s think #MondayMotivation, and face the rest of the week like a boss.

We’ve given you some top #MondayMotivation advice in the past, including a guide for caffeine-lovers and some apps to organise your week. This week we’re taking things up a notch, with an app that promises to get you motivated and help you achieve your goals with a nice, simple premise. You stay motivated, or you pay up. Welcome to Beeminder

How does Beeminder work?

Okay, as the nice lady above explained, Beeminder lets you set any goal that you can think of that can be tracked with a graph. So it could be losing weight, giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol for a few months… whatever you want.

Beeminder then plots your progress on its ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to your goal. To help Beeminder track your progress, you either give it info manually, or can connect it to the likes of Fitbit, Garmin or Runkeeper to send data automatically.

If you stick to the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and progress as planned towards achieving your goal, then Beeminder will always be free. But if you don’t, then here comes the sting…

When do I need to pay Beeminder?

To be honest, Beeminder doesn’t have all that much of a sting in its tail – at least not initially. It’s not going to suddenly take you by surprise and demand some cash because you treated yourself to a curry last Friday night.

In fact, if you do veer off the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ (that means straying from your goal, in case you weren’t paying attention), you can simply abandon your goal and walk away from Beeminder. No questions asked.

You can actually create multiple goals like this, with absolutely nothing at stake initially.

However. If you’re passionate about the goal and want to try again, you can get back on the road. It’s at this point that you need to commit to paying something if you stray a second time. The amount you can pay starts at $5, or the equivalent amount in pounds.

In summary…

The idea of voluntarily paying money to someone you don’t know for not doing something they don’t know you didn’t do (trust us, that actually made sense) might sound strange, but Beeminder’s philosophy is this - if you’re the type of person to try and get out of paying what you pledged, then you wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.

The Beeminder app is free to download on iOS or Android. You can also check out the Beeminder website for more info.

Over to you. Are you convinced by what you’ve read above? Could you see yourself signing up to something like Beeminder to help you achieve your goals, or is the fear of losing cash a step too far? Share your comments below.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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